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@QubaVR is Exploring New Ways for People to Experience #VR

The Pull by QubaVR

It’s great to see many professional creative artists take on the task of producing engaging and visually stunning content for people to experience in virtual reality. One independent developer I’ve had the pleasure to write about was Ali Elsami, who was one of the first to created surreal artful experiences in VR which utilizes Leap Motions technology. Which brings me to another artist which deserves recognition also.

He goes by the name of Quba Michalski, who has been an professional creative artist for over a couple decades. Born in Poland and a traveler of the world at age 16, living in places such as Middle East and United States, he has had the pleasure to experience different cultures and build a knowledge-base of his interest, which include coding, filmmaking, quantum physics, anthropology and game design.

Knowing this, it is no surprise that he gained his Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design between years 1999 and 2001. Since graduating from college, he’s been a creative director at Imago Studio(Istanbul, Turkey), Autofuss(San Francisco, CA) and Google(Mountain View & Venice, CA). He’s also an freelancer, academic instructor, web designer/coder and a writer. He’s is a full-spectrum within the creative field.

After getting his hands on Google’s Photosphere technology several years ago, he has spent those years understanding, developing and leveraging virtual and augmented reality platform, in order to provide an fluent understanding on how to effectively create immersive experiences.

In an interview with Kuula, when talking about 360 photos, he explains “good 360 photos need to withstand the same level of critique and scrutiny traditional photography has to. This means good composition, color, dynamism, lighting, resolution and direction. We should not give images a ‘free pass’ solely on the merit of the novelty of 360.” This is exactly what his current projects accomplishes.

One colorful immersive experience he has produced is Prismatic. Prismative is Quba’s first independent project after leaving his position at Google and Autofuss in 2015. This experience puts the player in infinite mirror-like illusion or kaleidoscopic environment, which is filled with strobing fluorescent lights and music to match.

In collaboration with Impossible Acoustic(audio), his latest project, The Pull, puts the viewer in a room of furniture which undergoes gravity flux. It utilizes light as a way to direct viewers gaze and a spinning fade to transition through each scene. He used a software concoction, consisting of the Octane Render, After Effects, Cinema 4D and Mettle Skybox VR to bring this project to reality. Like Ali Elsami, he is bringing a new level of experiences for people to explore in virtual reality.

His work can be viewed on JauntVR and VRideo. Quba is definitely exploring ways to utilize the infinity of space, virtual reality has to offer, so new experiences are bound to come. You can take a look at his full immersive portfolio on QubaVR.com or connect with him via Twitter @QubaVR.

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