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Quiver Vision: Immersive Educational Coloring Book App

Being creative, is being human. Many things in society, if not all, is conceived as an creative thought. This is why it is crucial in a child’s life to explore their creative thoughts and see them come to life. Augmented reality and Virtual reality enhance the creative processes in young mind. Through creating, the young mind learns and becomes immersed in educating themselves about the world around them. One company is doing a great job in binding AR applications with the learning and creative process.

QuiverVision, formerly known as colAR, has been developing apps for creative and educational purposes for the past few years. They do this by bringing coloring books to life. Similar to Crayola’s immersive coloring books, characters on the page come to life. Children and adults alike, can add their own flavor of colors to a character and watch it become animated in 4D. One unique thing that Quiver does, is letting the user interact with their creations through games or educational exercises through the Quiver app.

One example from their portfolio, is “Murphy the Sheep.” Once you color in the page, the quiver app utilizes augmented reality to bring the character of the page. You can then play a little game of soccer, helping Murphy score goals. Another page from their portfolio, is “Hectors Dolphin.” What’s unique about this one is that once the dolphins come to life, they swim around in the air with a voice educating the user about the different attributes and history of the dolphin. Besides being a great way to educate and distract kids at home, educators can also utilize Quiver for their lesson plans.

They have a dedicated section on their website that provides resources for educators. Instead on in-app purchases, “Quiver Education has a one time purchase price for all content, (and) is compatible with the volume purchasing program and includes educational discounts for schools!” Imagine how much fun children will have, when learning about why volcanoes erupt or what the platonic solids consist of. This sort of immersive education, gets children involved in the learning process and also have fun while doing so. It also helps eliminate the mundane and sometimes painful atmosphere of a classroom. This is one great benefit augmented and virtual reality has to offer. Now schools, inexpensively can liven up and make learning more intuitive and a process to look forward to.

If you are a educator, parent or guardian, this is one app that you should look into. One of the greatest sights in the world, is to see a child exhilarated about learning about the world around them. Quiver definitely helps with this process. Go ahead and visit their website to check out their extensive augmented reality coloring books.

Definitely look out for more educational immersive apps that provides children and adults alike more intuitive way to explore their creative process while learning about something fascinating.

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