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#Quixel and Wiktor Ohman Unleashes Hi-tension #VR Game “Homebound”

Most can agree, modern virtual reality interfaces like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, have unleashed a unprecedented way to explore the space we inhabit. Which is to say, an unprecedented way to explore outer-space. It’s one thing to stand on solid virtual ground, but it’s another to have the sensation of floating in the cosmos. There have already been games, such as Ashnar Studio’s “Detached” and Crowd Control Production’s “Eve: Valkyrie,” which places gamers among the stars. Now Quixel has added their own game to this list.

Swedish studio Quixel specializes in digital textures for game studios and freelancers to create high quality, realistic environments. They currently boast the Quixel Suite 2, which exponentially speeds up the workflow, saving developers time, a.k.a money. It can be used with Unreal Engine and Unity, which most developers use to create hi-quality games.

Their game inspired by the mind of veteran 3D artist, Wiktor Öhman, titled “Homebound.” Homebound puts you in a malfunctioned, halfway destroyed spaceship bound to crash land on Earth. Your objective: Survive the Crash.

The game was built for the Vive and Rift, as well as takes advantage of motion controller input, or if you prefer a mouse/keyboard or gamepad. Homebound’s detailed environment was made possible with Quixel’s game engine texture solution, giving the game a very realistic atmosphere, vacating the perception you were ever at home.

There are three different levels you can travel through, which includes Earth, Earth’s atmosphere and Deep Space. After initial play, about 10-30min of gameplay, you can challenge your own score with ‘Time Attack.’ Perfect for hi-replayability and entertaining your friends. With the game being a part of SteamVR, you also can take on additional challenges to unlock Steam achievements.

This maybe the first VR game which utilizes Quixels leading texture pack for game engines, though either way, if you’re a fan of space games or need another experience to add to your VR to-do list.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on exploring outer-space with a comment below:)

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