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RiftCat: A Virtual Reality Distribution Platform Porting VR PC Games to Mobile VR Headsets

As the virtual reality marketplace start setting foot in the mainstream, it is apparent that there will need to be VR distribution platforms that collects immersive VR content created for PCs and makes them available for mobile VR headsets. This is exactly the solution RiftCat is providing. RiftCat is powered by four brains by the name of Marek Antoniuk, Lukasz Balukin, Kasia Wawrzeniuk and Wojciech Bancarzewski.

RiftCat: VRidge is a distribution platform that is constantly updated with the latest VR content, as well as allowing you to access VR content through SteamVR and Oculus Home. This provides users access to a catalogue of VR media, which can be personalized for any type of VR content the user is interested in. To access their library, you simply download the client application onto your computer. Once downloaded, the application can be viewed in your immersive headset, such as an Google Cardboard, which eliminates the need to constantly take off your headset to switch between content.

They are currently working on a Beta version of their app, which will allow mobile devices to play some of the same content only available for the Oculus Rift. It would mainly be for people who have yet to acquire the PC headset, but still want to experience the same content inexpensively on Google Cardboard or Samsung VR. It is also a great way to check out content you would like to try before buying a suped up VR headset.

The application supports many of the latest phones. One thing to consider is whether you’ll be using a laptop or desktop. Since hi-end VR headsets are supported by gaming computers, it is recommended that you try the trail version of Riftcat’s VRidge. If their cross-platform application works smoothly with your computer and smartphone, you can upgrade to the full version, which gives you unlimited gameplay time.

As UploadVR states, “you could feasibly ‘try’ out some Rift and Vive experiences without having to throw down the $599/&799 respectively for the actual HMDs.” Not all games are compatible with the application and you’ll need to double check if your phone has a gyroscope installed. You can keep up with the latest Riftcat news and updates through their blog. This is definitely an application to try out, if you are still skeptical about the experiences available for hi-end VR headsets, such as HTC Vive.

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