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@RogueInitiative Reveals Debut #VR Game “Crowe: The Drowned Armory”


How many developers does it take to make next-level virtual reality games? Who knows. But since Oculus Rift and HTC Vive has been driving an dominant presence in revolutionizing the way we see education, entertainment and social activities as we know it. With this, plenty of dev artists are tackling the challenge of creating highly-engaging and comfortable VR experiences, so that in the near future, such experiences would not be limited to merely the enthusiast.

One studio that is taken on virtual reality, goes by the name of The Rogue Initiative(TRI). You’d be amazed by by the power-source of this studio, as it’s developers, digital artists and the like have came from leading companies, such as Sony Pictures, Disney, Pixar, WEVR, Electronic Arts and so on.

Pete Blumel is the main head of the studio, who harbors over 19 years of experience in feature films and interactive experiences. He is aided by Cathy Twigg(Chief Executive Officer) and Hrish Lotlikar(Shief Business Development Officer), as well as an advisory board, which includes Micheal Bay, Ryan Wang, Lynda Obst, Amitt Mahajan and other leaders of respective fields.

This powerhouse is now on a path to producing next-level VR entertainment. They’ve already introduced their first immersive game, titled “Crowe: The Drowned Armory.” TRI utilized Unreal Engine 4 to bring the world of Crowe to life, which is fleshed out in a narrative format, which will be released in chapters.

The game follows a young villager, known as Crowe, who is trying to learn about the true past of his society. Within a fantastical sci-fi environment, players will be challenged with puzzles, foreign enemies and ancient temples, in order to help Crowe learn the secrets hidden within his community.

There is still more to expect from The Rogue Initiative as they get their feet wet within the growing marketplace. Though with a highly talented and skilled team, we should expect to see some hi-quality VR games released from this studio. To keep up-to-date with TRI’s developments, you can follow them via Twitter @RogueInitiative.

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