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@SamuraiPunkCo Flagship Satirical #VR Game ‘The American Dream’ Will teach You How To Use a Gun

It’s only been less than a year since the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have entered the public marketplace, and already there seems to be a plethora of immersive experiences to try. Before their release, developers of these majestic headsets knew that the only way VR was going to take off and appeal to the ordinary masses, there would need to be a variety of content available, showing virtual reality’s potential as the avant-garde of media interfaces. With this said, I want to bring recognition to one game development studio who has joined the VR bandwagon.

Samurai Punk is an independent game studio based in Melbourne, Australia, who is not new to the game dev scene. If you were to ask them what they are about, it seems to be a mixture of Radical, Underrated Ideas coming at you, well… Samurai Punk style. Which has to mean, their games are an unruly few.

Before Samurai Punk entered the VR scene, they produced a game called ‘ScreenCheat.’ This is one very interestingly unique first-person shooter game, were you hunt down other players. The catch is, the players are invisible, but with access to the other player’s screens, you must identify their location by ‘screencheating.’ What makes this game more anxiety-inducing, is the variety of one-shot kill weapons, such as the Chefelot: energy ball spewing car engine. This game is definitely radical.

Needless to, their flagship VR game, ‘The American Dream,’ is just as radical. Set in the 1950’s, you must learn how to live life with guns, or as Samurai Punk explains, “Look down the barrel of a future where all your everyday needs are solved with guns.” To learn the potential of guns, you take part in a large complex at the world’s fair, dedicated to showing you the various things that can be done with guns, like eating, driving or educating ourselves.

They held a teaser at PAX West, with the game scheduled to be released sometime in 2017 to major VR interfaces. Needless to say, this game may not be syutable for the young age, but if you’re interested in various ways to use firearms, excluding killing creatures, then add this game to your VR to-do-list. You can connect with Samurai Punk via Twitter @SamuraiPunkCo.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on Samurai Punk’s American Dream with a comment below:)

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