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Say Hello to @Dream_Logic #Virtual and #Augmented Reality Artwork Curators


When we think of art, some of us think of an canvas with colors arranged to stimulate an idea, or some of us who may use a more general notion of art, think of art as the meshing of skills and creativity. Such as a chef creating beauty on a plate or an architect creating beauty on the land. But for virtual reality purposes, art is creative expression in a space of infinity.

Which brings me to Dream Logic, “Art Through New Eyes.” Founded by Lindsay Saunders and Kelly Vicars, Dream Logic is a curator of VR and AR artworks. Some of the inspiration of the curation studio’s founding came from their years in discovering the immersive media, such as Lindsay curating her first augmented reality art show in Brooklyn and Kelly being involved in San Francisco’s first VR workshop.

Now Dream Logic has become a hub of “artist, technologists, designers, experimenters and entrepreneurs.” Through this community, philosophical ideas, questions and evolution of art in VR/AR are explored, which makes them a natural spring of fresh, innovative spring of ideas of how to utilize VR in the most aesthetically appealing way.

Dream Logic has also been involved in various art shows/events, which means they’ve met a fair share of artists experimenting with mixed reality. This includes Zenka, an indie artist who is recognized for futuristic street art and AR sculptures. They’ve also had the pleasure of exploring Project Hypnos ‘Imago,’ which is an amalgamation of experimental VR demos exploring various techniques of immersive film making.

They are currently planning an art exhibition titled, “The Art of Dying.” This exhibit will showcase various augmented and virtual reality artworks exploring the philosophical ideas of dying, such as “What happens when we die? Why must we die? How can we heal from, process and prepare for death?” If you create of immersive art, you can apply for your work to be showcased. The exhibition will begin in San Francisco at The Laundry on October 28-31.

One other thing to point out, is Dream Logic curation of creative expression with the immersive realm, is a great way for people to discover and understand the potential of VR/AR applications. You can keep up-to-date with Dream Logic’s developments via Twitter @dream_logic.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on Dream Logic with a comment below:)

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