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SculptrVR: A Creative Game Where Virtual Reality Meets Three-D Printing

SculptrVR is one of those VR games that lets your imagination roam free. Nathan Rowe (main developer), Jonathan Davis, Eugene Tchoukhrov, Brandon Hjestrom and Steve Fullmer helped bring this game to life. Developed with the HTC Vive in mind, you are placed in a infinitely large blank environment with a brush that produces pixelated 3D objects.

To make creating objects and environments easier, they’ve employed a zooming and teleportation mechanism. With zooming, the player is able to zoom out to create a mountain, then zoom in to add trees. And of course with teleportation, you can quickly move across the world. This is useful for creation of large environments, where jogging back and forth can easily become tedious and mind-numbing.

What is unique about SculptrVR, is after you are content with what you have made, you can then make a 3D-printed replica of your creation. If you do not own a 3D printer, it’ll be printed off-site, where you can expect to receive it in a few weeks.

As stated by UploadVR, “While Google’s Tilt Brush uses a painting system that instantly creates something eye-catching in VR, SculptrVR in the HTC Vive is made with something else in mind – the ability to bring something you made in VR into the real world.”

The virtual reality game is a little rough in design, though Jonathan is planning to release updates to improve game function and mechanics. One example of this is the Water Brush. This allows players to place water emitters on their creations to simulate waterfalls.

You can download SculptrVR through Steam or visit their website for updates and news.

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