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SightLine: The Innovative Gaze-based Virtual Reality Game Developed by Frooxius

Virtual reality is naturally the next step in experiencing media, such as games, films and panoramic photos. The gaming aspect of it, has definitely been the main advertising grounds for people to adopt this technology. There have been horror (Sisters), first-person shooter, puzzle-based (ThunderBird) and adventure-style games that have experimented with different ways to interact with digital worlds in virtual reality. Though there hasn’t been a unique virtual experience created like the game developed by Tomáš “Frooxius” Mariančík.

Frooxius first began creating games at the young age of twelve. He admits his “first attempts were of course very bad and full of awful mistakes, but my early games were a great learning experience.” One of his earlier games that he is definitely proud of is DeathFall and Tank X-Q5.

Since the past several years, he has been honing his skills as an virtual reality game developer. If you’ve been keeping up with VR developments, you’ve likely heard of SightLine. It first started off as an entry to the IndieCade VR Jam contest. The reason why SightLine is an attractive VR game, is it’s gaze-based gameplay. The story of the game progresses with where the player looks.

What’s more interesting than the gameplay, is SightLine’s storyline. Before the game takes place, the universe was being changed instantly by rainbowy rods appearing and floating through space. Saturn was Saturn, until a blink of an eye revealed it was a Christmas ornament or a flower..?

This was only happening to Saturn, as the rods were spreading, the planets and the very fabric of space was being altered without logic. All of this was being picked up from observatories on Earth and it was apparent, that humans and life on Earth needed an exit plan to escape this illogical distortion of space-reality. Their exit plan was to escape into the depths of the Sun and hide out in a terrarium called HeliOs. This is where SightLine begins.

SightLine first starts off in a empty snow-white room with cubes and balls. Every time you look away, the cubes would turn into balls or balls into cubes. Before you know it, you’re in a room filled with trees, exploring the mind-boggling phenomenon from between two gears elevating in space.

In order to progress through the game, you’d have to solve puzzles. This can be looking back and forth until two lights are the same color to open an door, or looking at the direction that you want a bridge to appear. The game features scare-tactics and awesome detail of worlds.

As best said by RoadToVR, “Toying playfully with the viewer, SightLine elicits claustrophobia one minute and an immense sense of scale the next, all while refusing to try anything too extreme that might ill.”

Because of the innovative way the game uses your eyes to navigate in an ever-changing virtual world, it won Third place at the Oculus IndieCade VR Jam and named one of the top ten VR games by IGN. Needless to say, it is one of the first games, you need to try out, when you finally get your VR Headset.

Frooxius has actually released a mobile version of the game SightLine: The Chair, which can be played with Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. In this version, you are sitting in a chair, rather than moving around an ever-changing landscape.

You can learn more about SightLine and it’s future plans at SightLineVR. You can also learn about Tomáš “Frooxius” Mariančík past games and current VR games, such as NeosVR (Influence the Universe with your mind), at Frooxius.

The styles of games we are seeing in Virtual Reality, is only the tip of the Iceberg. As more people adopt VR and provide their feedback, we will see unforeseen ways to experience digital content, such as games, films, photos, social media, events and websites in the future. Just like smartphones took the world by storm, with it’s computing power, VR and AR will take the world by storm in how we experience reality and perform day-to-day functions.

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