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Since Idea Games Enters the Virtual Reality Marketplace with their Flagship Horror Game ‘Ad Exitum’

One legitimate reason to invest in the latest immersive interfaces is to test your limits of fear. Virtual Reality, by it’s core nature and purpose, transports you to a different realm, whether it be an enhanced reality or a fictional landscape. How does this translate to the horror genre? Well, it means that VR headsets has the capability to immerse you in your worst nightmare and darkest fears.

This brings me to a development studio who is helping bring your fears to virtual reality, amongst other things. Since Idea Games (SIG) is a recent start-up founded in Hamburg, Germany. Not wanting to be limited by working in only one sector of their respective industry, SIG was the avenue that’ll allow these dedicated developers to experiment and produce media-content in Game Development, three-D visualization and Virtual Reality.

The powerhouse behind Since Idea Games consist of Raphael Wittgruber (CEO & Programmer), Andre Graf (Cheif Technical Officer), Arkadiusz Kaminski (Lead Design), Johannes Link (Lead Game Design), David Sikorsky (Lead Animation Artist), Max Heierman (Progammer), and last but not least, Thor Gunnar Myrdal (The Composer). With their combined talents, experience and skills, they’ve developed their first VR game that  will introduce you to a nightmarish landscape.

Ad Exitum, SIG’s flagship VR game, is a maze of horror, where you’ll become quite acquainted with the absent of light. To ease your conscience, the game provides you a tutorial, which will familiarize you on how to light up your lantern, call on souls, slap bats and insert bloodstones. After the tutorial, you enter a very dark and eerie environment filled with fog, tombstones and creepy voices.

The main objective, of course, is to reach the end of the maze. To give you a since of direction, the soul within your lantern can be cast out to lead you to your next destination. There is also a beam of light that periodically appears in the sky, which will also show  you where you need to head to. The game itself has a beautiful horrorscape, with stone gargoyles, aged architecture, glowy-eyed scarecrows and ghostly entities. To top it off, you’re constantly hearing your heartbeat, hard-breathing and a creepy voice to keep you sane.

Since Idea Games has definitely hit the VR marketplace with a solid game, that’ll leave you spine tingling. Even though their are a couple horror-maze games in the market, this one is definitely of hi-quality worthy of your VR to-do list. This is only SIP’s first game, with more projects planned for the future. Go ahead and visit their website to learn more about their direction as a studio and what their goals are for the VR marketplace.

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