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@Sketchfab Enables Social Media and Websites to Embed #VR Enabled 3D Content to be Viewed on VR Headsets

Understandably their are many VR enthusiasts, developers and artists experimenting and creating content for the next-level interface, known as virtual reality. When the Oculus Rift made it’s debut, the virtual reality community revolved around immersive gaming, then afterwards an explosion of different ways to utilized VR happened, with online social environments, immersive filming, collaboration software, hi-end branding experiences, streamlined VR creation platforms and 3D drawing platforms.

With this said, their is an online community of 3D artists that is leveraging VR’s potential to enable people to view their creations via VR. Sketchfab was founded 2012 in Paris, France, by co-founders Alban Denoyel, Cedric Pinson and Pierre-Antoine. Their original intent was to provide a hub for 3D artists to connect and publish their creations, based off their dissatisfaction of an absence of such platform. Now there are over half a million creators who have contributed an endless amount of 3D content for people to discover and enjoy.

Through their platform, users are able to discover 3D models related to gaming, characters, creatures, architecture, technology, science and cultural heritage, among other things. On top of being connected to one of the largest 3D creation community, users benefit from discounts, such as eLearning, software tools and online retail stores. There is also a blog, informing users about updates on Sketchfab, events, new tutorials and stories from the community. Now they’ve added a new feature for the Sketchfab community.

Being a 3D creator’s community, it is only natural they would implement a virtual reality platform. Now users who own the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or even an mobile VR headset, can now download their app, which enables them to view 3D models in virtual reality. Even better, through webGL enabled browsers(mobile) and webVR through Google Chrome, people can view 3D content on websites and social media embedded with Sketchfab’s VR viewer, without leaving the page.

It has already been in the works, in trying to fiure out how to succesful implement VR content online, especially without people needing to download a huge file. With Sketchfab’s VR viewer allowing people to create 3D content, then share it with social media to be viewed in VR, is another step closer to ensuring the immersive marketplace will be succesful. You can keep up-to-date with Sketchfab, either through their blog or via Twitter @Sketchfab.

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