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Skonec VR Developed One of the First Virtual Reality Arcade Gun Shooting Game titled Mortal Blitz VR

It is evident, since the advent of virtual reality headsets, that developers have been experimenting and producing content for these immersive interfaces. In order for VR to reach mass appeal, there will need to be an ever-flow of hi-quality content for people to experience. For such quality content to be made, developers and artist must experiment with various and seemingly endless ways to create unique and refreshing experiences for virtual reality.

This is why Korean virtual reality studio, Skonec Entertainment, deserves some recognition. Skonec is a game development studio that has switched their objective to creating the next wave of virtual reality gaming. They have partnered up with leading companies, such as TAITO Corporation, SEGA, Adways, Samsung and Oculus VR to make their ambitions a reality.

To demonstrate their dedication to the new marketplace, they created one of the first arcade gun-shooting games for VR, titled “Mortal Blitz VR.” Initially built for the Samsung Gear VR, the game was optimized to prevent motion sickness and nausea, which tends to be an ongoing issue for comfortable extended VR use.

Mortal Blitz VR falls between science fiction and horror. This was a thought out decision since the genres “are popular content for arcade gun shooting game.” Because hi-paced highly animated VR games can start to set in motion sickness and nausea, they solve this problem by implementing relaxing investigative scenes between each skirmish. Such implementation, means longer uninterrupted gameplay in virtual reality.

Since the release of Mortal Blitz for Samsung Gear VR in Q4 of 2015, it is considered to be the first VR arcade gun-shooting game. Skonec also has Fanta VR and Idol Universe VR stashed in their portfolio. When it comes to providing a social impact, Skonec believes virtual reality will transform the way educate ourselves, which will gives kids that live in low-income areas an opportunity to affordable education.

Visite Skonec’s website to learn more and keep up to date with their latest developments.

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