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Sky Greens Genius System

Have you ever felt, the more that digital technology surrounds us, the less plantlife we see…. even grass? Well, maybe my smartphonee and laptop just occuppies a lot of my eye-time, which I’m sure is true for a lot of people in the modern age. The point I’m getting at, is we hear a lot about tech revolutionizing data, entertainment, healthcare, travel, and exploration of space. Though plants are becoming automated as well. Besides drones being used to collect data from farmfields to relay back to a A.I. system to calculate and monitor plants for more effecient farming.

A agriculture company, Sky Greens, has created a genius system that can grow plants in a limited area. It is a 9m-vertical system the provides plants equal amount of sunshine and water by utilizing tiers of planting troughs that rotates around a aluminium frame. It also collects rainwater, which makes this system effecient in using it’s space, sunshine, and water. This nifty tech won the biennial INDEX: Award in Denamrk on August 26th, 2015, which granted them a $158,000 award. Founder Jack Ng, says the money would be used for increased research and development, that would go towards farm expansion. This will also provide the company more credibility when meeting overseas partners. Though one of the greatest acheivements this system provides, is the ability to produce fresher fruits/vegetables that doesn’t have to be shipped in. Sky Greens system operates out of Signapore, the birthplace of the invention, that produces 800kg of greens(like Chinese cabbge and nai bai) everyday for the locals. When it comes to revolutionizing farming, Sky Greens definitely have their foot in the door. Pretty Amazing.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

Would you buy you fresh produce from a retailer that employs this system?

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