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SkyDome Studios Enters the Virtual Reality Marketplace with Scare Tactics and Music-Generated Gameplay

SkyDome Studios is a truly independent development studio, for the main fact that is is ran by one individual by the name of Yorick van Vliet. Yorick has a bachelors degree in Media Technology, which equips him with the ability to perform all parts of the game development process, from programming to art and sound.

Yorick quit his fulltime job to start-up SkyDome studios, so that he could pursue his ambitious desire to enter the virtual reality market by the time the consumer-edition of the Oculus Rift was released. Even though his first experience with VR headsets, as with many others, brought fatigue and nausea, he felt it was going to be a ground-breaking way to experience media content in a new way.

The first experimental virtual reality game he developed was “Don’t Let Go!” in 2013. The success of the game made it the finalist in the IndieCade VRJam 2013. The objective of the game is to not let go of pre-designated keys on the keyboard while flies swarm you, a raptor roams around you and spiders crawl on you. The unexpected reactions from people playing “Don’t Let Go!” was a sure sign that VR gameplay was going to provide a new way for people to experience games.

Through this experience and his intent to enter Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015, Yorick went on to create prototype VR game “Audio Arena,” with the help of Dylan Nagel as the voice actor and Farijal Emanuels as the lead tester.

Audio Arena is a music-generated game, where enemies spawn and move at the sound of the beat. Enemies are little circular dots that come in red, yellow and purple colors. And you are a arrow, with the duty of avoiding these malicious balls and piercing into a area-of-effect bubble that destroys the enemies.

In order to move your arrow, you utilize your VR HMD head-tilt inputs to navigate through the music-generated 360-degree environment. You can pick up power-ups and gain bonus points by bobbing to the beat of the songs. At the end of the game, your score is recorded.
Audio Arena went on to become a bronze winner at the Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015. The prototype game is now a fully developed VR game for the Gear VR and Oculus Rift for $4.99. You can learn how he developed this game on his blog about “Generating Gameplay From Music.

SkyDome Studios is also for hire for delivering prototype designs for company or individual projects. He can program Unity projects with C# and use his experience in virtual reality production to help projects avoid pitfalls and utilize best practices for VR content. For of course, at a affordable price.

SkyDome Studios and Yorick van Vliet has to be recognized in the emerging marketplace, for his determination in creating comfortable and entertaining content for VR, which will play a crucial role in the implementation of VR headsets for the mainstream audience. It is truly impressive for one guy to take a leap of faith in this undefined marketplace, just like the creator of “ThunderBirds.” Go ahead and visit SkyDome’s website to view the full portfolio.

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