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Social AR Media Creation Fortified with Lens Studio

Enhancing how we communicate

It is no doubt that social media is one of the main forms people connect with each other. Not too long ago, humans use to walk miles and rely on their pet companions to transport information. Not too long ago, was the landline telephone and digital computer invented, speeding up the transfer of information. And just within recent history, has the smartphone and social media came into fruition, effectively making transference of information instantaneous. With the increasing marketplace of extended reality(XR) headsets becoming widely available to the public and XR content being adopted by brands, it is only a matter of time before this next-gen tech takes over our lives. This is already being realized through social AR.

More real estate for creating media

If you equate words to carry bytes of information, photos to carry megabytes of information and videos to carry gigabytes of information, then how much information can be packed into XR media. The answer is, infinite. XR media is not 2D or 3D, but of a 4D nature that immerses people within digitally altered environments. Meaning more real estate to capture people’s imagination and giving them the content they seek or bumped into. This is why we will adopt this tech, sooner than later. But in order to ensure the XR marketplace continues to proliferate with new and immersive content, companies have produced their own XR editor platforms for developers, artists and enthusiasts to get in on the action.

If you haven’t been lost in space, then you know about Snapchat. You may even be an avid user of this popular app. But did you know, every time you hold your smartphone to your face and click on one of their filters to alter your facial features or apply a Lens effect on a live-video stream, you are engaging with augmented reality(AR). A growing 75% of Snapchat users already utilize AR features to enhance their social engagements.

Local Lenses from Snapchat

What about Snapchat and social AR?

So why do I bring up Snapchat? Because they understand the impact that XR media will have. More specifically on how social AR media w influence our day-to-day social and world interactions. Hence why they’ve created their own AR editor platform, named Lens Studio. Lens Studio streamlines the process of AR development for XR/AR developers, 3D artists and curious enthusiasts. With Lens Studio, XR creators will be able create fun experiences, named “Lens,” that are accessible by the millions of users that engage on Snapchat who uses them for sharing thoughts, ideas, events, information and personality.

Some features of Lens Studio

The AR editor incorporates 3D multi-body tracking, that captures movement of multiple people. Full body segmentation that captures movement of a person. Hand tracking that captures movements of hands. Asset library that contains 3D models, material textures, interactive scripts and other digital assets. There are more features contained within Lens Studio, making it a robust AR production platform.

The user-interface is easy to learn and navigate, with the editor interface segmented by blocks. The scene block is the 3D editing interface. Objects block displays assets currently within scene as an hierarchy. Inspector block enables direct editing of an object. Logger block assists with Lens debugging. A real-time preview of Lens is viewable through the preview block. And finally the scene config block extends controls for the scene.

Fantastic Eyeballs in Lens Studio

If this may seem a lot at first, especially for AR greenthumbs, Lens Studio provides in-editor tutorials that can get anyone up and running. There is also extensive documentation ranging from creating face effects to publishing Lenses for the Snapchat user-base. There is already a growing base of “Lens Creators [who] are redefining the world of augmented reality with every Lens they create…[and] top-performing Lenses have reached billions of views on Snapchat.” There are all kinds of creators that range from photographers and 3D digital artists, to cat owners and environmentalists. Proving you do not need to be a particular type of individual to get started with Lens creations.

Bringing social AR to the desktop

Not only has Snapchat thought about their snapchat users on the smartphones, but those who do live-streams and video-chats can bring out their personality with Snap Camera. Snap Camera be utilized in video-stream apps, such as Zoom, Google Hangout and Skype by connecting to the webcam. Watching live-streamers loosen up with puppy dog ears or putting on a very exaggerated smile just makes live video-streams that much more fun.

Use Snap Camera with Zoom in 3 minutes

There is much to propagate in the space of AR and XR. The XR media being created now is only the tip of the ice-berg. For those wanting to add their own imprint in this developing space can look towards Lens Studio for streamlined social AR production.

Thank you for reading from Around Your Screen!

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