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Solar Energy for Green Living

When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint on the environment, renwable energy is necessary for green living. Now researchers and innovators is making this possible in present day. Large corporations, such as Alphabet and LEGO, are leading the way for implementing renewable energy. Tesla, Honda, and other car manufacturers are investing in ways to store unused energy for self-sustainability. Ergon Energy is even doing a study on whether solar battery powered homes will set foot in the future. Though much progress is still to be made for self-sustainability renewable energy has provided hope to reduce our reliance on precious non-renewable resources.

Ergon Energy

The project Ergon Energy is beginning will be hosted in Queensland. Which is a perfect location, because of it’s abundance in sunshine. Queensland also has over 400,000 homes using solar panels for power. Which is pretty significant, especially for testing home battery-storage. To boot the project, Ergon Energy is contributing 2.2 million dollars and Australian Renewable Energy Agency is putting in 400,000 dollars. This will be a 12 month trail to find cost effective options for battery storage systems for homes powered by renewable energy. Pretty cool. Check out the initiative here: Ergon Energy.

Tesla Powerwall

While we’re talking about battery-systems for homes, Tesla is pushing out their Powerwall device. The attraction comes from the limitations solar panels have. When it’s a clear day, the panels work perfectly. It’s the day of cloud infested skies and tree shadows that can be a nightmare for solar-panel owners. Now with the Powerwall available, those daunting clouds will not be a nuisance. Another reason Tesla and other car manfacturings are investing in energy-storage units, is for the use of charging electric vehicles at home during night hours. A great way to solidify the personal use of electric vehicles. Here’s a informative article: Tesla Powerwall.

Project Sunroof

Google has launched Project Sunroof. This allows average people to look-up there homes location and find out the cost/ROI of installing solar panels on their roofs. Being a leader in welcoming renewable energy, Google is making it easier for the average consumer to adopt solar energy. However, Project Sunroof is limited to San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno California, and greater Boston area for now. Sungevity and EnergySage provide similar services in fourteen and thirty states, respectively. So if you’re curious about how how much it’ll cost you to adopt solar power, now you can find out.

Habitat for Humanity for Veterans

Speaking of helping out the community with renewable energy for green living. Habitat for Humanity and SolarCity has partnered to create solar-powered homes for veterans. It will be a community constucted to help veterans re-establish themselves in civilian society. They will not have to pay up-front costs and can “lock in solar power rates for the next twenty years.” For 500 hours of “sweat equity” and agreement to Residential Enriched Neighborhood guidelines, veterans can enjoy solar-powered homes. You can read more about it here: Habitat for Humanity.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to have a complete self-sustainable home, Sustainer Homes may be for you. This cool contraption is 323-square-foot in space(suitable for 1 to 2 people.) Like the name implies, it has a container look to it. But the inside of it is extremely green. It uses recycled refrigerators for furniture and wood-free panels from recycled agriculture residue. It even recycles rainwater and waste water, meeting Dutch drinking water standards. And of course, powered by solar power. Pretty ingenious idea. Though you may need to employ a helicopter to transport the Sustainer Homes. Need more info: Sustainer Homes.

When it comes to green living, the first-world countries and leading businesses are jumping on board. A phenomenon that is definetely going to change the way we live. I guess the next breakthrough in renewable energy, is a solar-powered wearable so I’ll never sleep again. Ever.

Let me know what you think about the current trend in soler tech adoption.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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