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Spatial Computation Optimizes AR With ARWay

Achieving optimal augmented reality(AR) features, such as target activation, frame rate and digital asset fidelity has been a challenging to overcome. Before AR could even be consider for mainstream use, the shutter and screen effect had to be solved. A universal standard for scene framerate and screen resolution needed to be established. Fortunately many great minds got to work and began chipping away at this dilemma. Hololens, Raptor Eversight, Epson Moverio and many more manufactured AR eye-ware can perform optimal augmenting computations. But what is solving this dilemma without actually being able to access the AR application. Therefore various means of AR targeting have been constructed, including image-targeting, planar-recognition, object-scanning and spatial computation.

AR Spaceships by ARWay

Augmented environments optimized with spatial computation

ARWay has been leading in the development of spatial computation for augmented reality applications. Baran Korkmaz(Founder & CEO), Damien ARNUAD and Insitu World(Blockchain Spatial Data Exchange), along with content creators and marketers power the core of the company. Mayank Raj best explains describes AR as technology that “involves deploying virtual images over real-world objects or environments… to add useful imagery to the environment already around the user.” A technology that enhances our day-to-day activities, including in-store navigation, brick & mortar e-commerce, skill building and resource management.

In order to streamline spatial computation in AR, they’ve created a ARWayKit development kit that optimizes Unity for Google and Apple platforms. Through the software development kit(SDK), digital creators can perform spatial computation to their environment in minutes. Because the AR SDK is cloud based, there is no need for extraneous hardware or target markers. Digital creators can easily manage generated cloud maps. For large scale AR maps, ARWayKit segments the map into smaller sections, making map updates seamless in real-time. This is achieved through their own proprietary simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) tech. As well as incorporation of ARKit, ARCore.

ARWay Tilt View Map

ARWay’s content management system streamlines AR development

One barrier to adopting AR tech is digital asset management. There are many components to AR applications that could seem a lot to deal with. Especially for large-scale projects. ARWayKit WebStudio is their solution for this. Digital creators can manage Point Cloud Maps, AR Media, navigational paths and other critical assets of the AR project. Realtime AR environment cloud-based content management system composes of WebGL and Three.js. Meaning, it can operate on any compatible browser, without the need for software installations, in-depth knowledge of 3D engine tools and live analytical data is accessible.

ARWay City-scale Mapping

Azure Spatial Anchors accessible through ARWayKit

The expert company recently partnered up with Microsoft to implement Azure Spatial Anchors(ASA), into the AR development platform. In order to kick of AR eye-ware compatibility, they started with the Microsoft Hololens, as it was their most request device from the ARWayKit developers. Which then made sense to them to make Microsoft’s spatial computation tech available to the ARWay developers. The benefits of Microsoft’s spatial anchors includes AR project scale fidelity and restoration of 3D assets. As well as experiences that persist through seasons, lighting conditions and viewport compatibility. ASA makes ARWayKit interoperable for developers, where they can switch from ARWay’s or Microsoft’s SLAM tech. This partnership will increase the speed at which content is created for the premium AR eye-ware, Hololens. A very important maneuver for streamlining AR development.

Flutter project compatible with ARWay development

Flutter is Google’s single code-based UI toolkit for building native mobile, desktop and web applications. For developers who have already built native applications using Flutter can import their existing or new projects into ARWay development kit. Leveraging the WebStudio and Azure Spatial Anchors for unparalleled experiences. To ensure developers get up and running, they provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the native project. This additional feature to the ARWayKit makes it a profoundly powerful and robust tool for producing compelling AR experiences with spatial computation.

Get started with ARWay WebStudio

Spatial computation plus AR creates proficient work environments

With greater objectives in mind, ARWay has not stop there. Spiral Technology manufactures sophisticated mixed reality(MR) headset for industrial automation. Spector, their flagship MR ware, grants workers in warehouses and plants better safety measures. This includes hands-free access to critical data, remote guidance and decreased troubleshooting times. By installing ARWay’s precision SLAM tech into their signature headset, means for proficient workplace production. On-site mechanics and engineers save up to 30% of time on manual reading, intuitively capture information and commit fewer mistakes by utilizing AR tech. Hence a very critical move providing optimized tools for safer and fluid workplaces.

No doubt ARWay is propelling the adaption of augmented reality and proving it’s use cases. Especially for large-scale environments that require sophisticated spatial computation for stable AR applications. Through strategic partnerships and expert compilation of AR development features, makes for an outstanding AR SDK that allows digital artists to focus on creating the experience, rather than all the mechanics for a functioning AR application. It’s truly another league in AR adoption. Truly another league human enhancement. As many industries begin to see skill gaps and new ones emerging, it’s important we have the tools to adapt. Augmented reality tech provides just that. ARWay provides just that.

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