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@Squanchtendo and Crows Crows Crows Creates a Not-So-Serious #VR Game About Crunching Numbers Titled AccountingVR

What can promise to send you through an infinity of imagination? The answer: Virtual Reality. This is VR’s true potential. As manufacturing of immersive headsets become cheaper and more advanced input/haptic devices are invented, undeniably VR will become indistinguishable from the real world if not better. But that’s reserved for the future, though there is a game that can give you another perspective when venturing in VR.

From the joint efforts of Crows Crows Crows and Squanchtendo, they’ve created an not-so-serious game about accounting, titled “AccountingVR.” If you enjoy vulgar humor or the Adult Swim show ‘Rick and Morty’ then you’ll definitely enjoy this game, since Squanchtendo Cheif Creative Officer is Justin Roiland. Crows Crows Crows is also a extremely talented and skilled studio, with their flagship game ‘Dr. Langeskov’ available for free on SteamVR.

So what is AccountingVR about? The game is a product of one week collaborative effort of both studios, taking place in Los Angeles. It is not certain, but seems they were hired by highly qualified Accountants to create a number-crunching simulation, by utilizing the latest technology: Virtual Reality.

From the teaser, the game does start you off in Derrick Smith’s(an accountant) office, with him giving you a tour and supposedly asking you about your experience. As the game proceeds, you are introduced to a VR headset, where things become extremely weird. You continue to transport yourself to different virtual realities with each discovered VR headset. You even encounter a cloud-like creature who mistakes himself as a squirrel.

For the mere fact that AccountingVR is not all-about number-crunching, it begs the curious mind to wonder what is this undefined VR game really is. Lucky for you, through the generous kindhearted nature of the studios, you can play this game for free on SteamVR. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you like some good old wacky cartoon humor and maybe… accounting stuff. You can follow their developments via Twitter @Squanchtendo.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on AccountingVR with a comment below:)

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