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@StoryHunter has taken an Keen Interest in #Immersive 360-degree Videos for Telling Stories

Some may liken virtual reality as another type of canvas for artists, visionaries, creative directors and storytellers, to see their ideas come to life in a meaningful way. There has been a range of immersive media distribution platforms coming on the scene and even more immersive experiences being made constantly. With such an expansive space to work in, companies and brands will want to find dedicated professional content-creators to help them create story-centric experiences for them.

This is exactly what StoryHunter plans to and has been doing since 2012. It is a known fact that smartphones and the internet has significantly increased communication speed, with us being able to keep-up-to-date with news and stories in seconds.

This, plus other factors, has forced newspapers and news operation companies to shut down. Because of this, and the regurgitation of the same stories being cycled through the internet, the founders of StoryHunter was compelled to create a solution that would allow brands to connect with professional content-creators and “to empower local, professional video journalist to tell the world’s most important, untold stories.”

Within a few years and clients, such as Zillow, AirBnb, Discovery Digital Network and National Geographic under their belt, they have created a simple and streamlined way of connecting brands and professional storytellers together. They have a large network of experienced artist, directors and the like, ready to work. To make it even simpler, they handle the contracts and payment options, leaving brands to spend more energy in actually conveying the story they want to see.

This is why it’s exciting to see StoryHunter join the virtual reality bandwagon, utilizing their network of vetted professional content-creators to create immersive 360-degree experiences. I mean, who else will be able to figure out how to effectively use the expansive canvas of VR to tell engaging, emotional, aesthetically pleasing, pro-edited experiences, besides professionals in the field of journalism and storytelling.

StoryHunter’s CEO, Jaron Gilinsky, spoke truth when he said, Virtual Reality is the’most powerful medium’ for storytelling.” To help understand how to utilize the space of VR, Jaron explains, “We’re encouraging everybody in our network to start experimenting, get to know the tools, see how storytelling will be like in the future and really shape it.”

Overall, if you’re a brand, you now have access to professional storytellers who can make stunning 360-degree videos for you. A power player in video journalism and brand experiences, will soon become a power player in immersive story-centric experiences. You can keep up to date with StoryHunter by visiting their blog or follow them via Twitter @StoryHunter.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on StoryHunter VR venture with a comment below:)

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