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Super Monkey Fun Productions: Developed Experimental Horror Game for Virtual Reality Gameplay

Super Monkey Fun is an independent game development company, founded in 2013 by two aspiring individuals. “Innovation, efficiency and dedication is reflected in every game title that has been developed till date,” as stated on their website. They primarily use Concept Art and Mobile Game design tools.

To assist in the development process, they utilize Unity3D, Cocoa2D, Construct 2D and Html5. Many of their games developed for mobile cross-platforms are vibrant in creativity. Their game titles include “Smash It,” “Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe,” “Super Zombie Punch” and “Worlds at War,” which is available on Google Play, Microsoft Store and Opera Mobile Store.

Now the company is experimenting with virtual reality environments, using Google Cardboard as their platform. One game is puzzle based, “VR Silent Home” and the other is a cart-riding game, “VR Halloween Ride.” The Virtual Reality Halloween Ride is straightforward. You enter the game already in a cart and once you pass through the haunted doors, you simply enjoy the pumpkin decorated scenery.

VR Silent Home is the one that will give you goosebumps. It is a virtual reality puzzle-based game, where you have to find your way out a haunted cabin, after making the mistake of knocking on it’s door. The gameplay is extremely simple. Depending on your Google Cardboard headset, you tap the action button to walk or stand.

Their is a reticle that you use to interact with the environment. Point your reticle at the door and it opens. Point your reticle at a floating diamond and you pick it up. Point your reticle at a monster and it dies. The main objective is to find an exit out the haunted atmosphere. It’s a game worth playing for free, if your testing your footing in the VR waters.

Besides developing engaging games, they also run their own blog. The blog ranges from topics, such as “The Top Three Gaming Mouse” and “3 Benchmarks of the Gaming World,” to “5 Tricks to Make your Selfie More Likable” and “Decoding the Internet of Things.” Yep, it is a random blog, but it is also entertaining just like their games. If you want to learn more about Super Monkey Fun, you can visit their website.

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