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Dante Buckley’s Studio Downpour Interactive is Producing the Popular Online Mutlipalyer #VR Game “Onward”

It’s barely been half a year since the release of hi-end VR interfaces, such as HTC Vive and StarVR, and there is already an army of developers, artists and enthusiasts who is creating the very foundation of future VR experiences. In a previous post, I made a statement about the success of the VR marketplace relies on skilled developers to pave the pathway. This doesn’t necessarily mean those with over ten years of development experience, but also those who have fortified their talent with grounded knowledge.

This brings me to Downpour Interactive. This studio was created from the ambitious desire of an college drop-out, known as Dante Buckley. With a little tuition, he invested in developing his very own game, titled “Onward.” After a year of development, and finally released on Steam Early Access, Onward has received over 700 reviews on Steam, averaging out to “Very Positive” gaming experience and boasts a steady 50 players online at any given moment, which cannot be said for most online VR multiplayer games on the market.

Onward is an online multiplayer first person shooter game built for VR HMDs. It is a real-world simulation, where player must rely on coordination, communication and markmanship skills for finishing objectives successfully. There are no HUDs, no handicap crosshairs and limited respawns, giving the game its edge. With multiple maps, varying weather conditions and times of day, each match tests your combat skills and requires team cooperation.

Since it’s development, Onward grossed over $400,000, which is pretty impressive, being developed primarily by one person. Dante also created a blog tracking his progress, which includes implementation of weapon customization, new objectives, motion control inputs and Early access. In an Skype interview with UploadVR, regarding a question about comfort level, he states, “I got lucky with how people don’t really get sick. People that get sick in other games don’t seem to get sick in Onward.” A definite barrier he’s managed to overcome in a VR experience.

With Onward having an active fan base and continuous growth in popularity, Dante is currently hiring for other talented people to join his team in ensuring steady success for Downpour Interactive. The game is still in development, but you can purchase the game on Steam for $24.99. If you want to learn more about the direction he plans for his studio, go ahead and contact him.

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@GameCoder_Team Creates Macabre-style #VR Game “Sophie’s Guardian”

The early days of the immersive marketplace, is just like the early days of any innovative tech that has revolutionized the way we live. There is much experimentation, criticism, creative ideas, investments and leap of faith, all culminating into a standard and various niche content for what we know as virtual/augmented reality. VR/AR seed has been planted years ago, but now we finally get to see what grows from it. Speaking of a niche content, there’s a studio who is adding there own unique immersive experience.

Game Coders Studio is a game development studio located in Guanajuato, Mexico, who has been partnered up with Bandai Namco, Sony Interactive and Renderfarm. They utilize different game engines, including Unity, Unreal and Lodestone, which is used to produce content for PC, consoles, mobile and VR platforms. In partnership with Renderfarm Studio, they have created an immersive macabre-style game, titled “Sophie’s Guardian.”

Sophie Guardian follows a vigilante teddy bear, after a nine-year-old girl and her mother move to an aged house on the outskirts of town. As Sophie explores the house, bringing her gruffy teddy bear along, she finds a eerie room with etched walls and forgotten things. As Sophie’s Guardian, “Griff” the teddy bear, you must protect Sophie from the thins that bump in the dark.

As a gunslinging stitched-up Teddy bear named “Griff,” there are three different game modes that you can take on. Guardian mode is liken to story mode, where you must protect Sophie from the evil dolls. If you want to put your skills to the test, Gunslinger mode puts your accuracy and reflexes on edge with ever-increasing hordes. To bring your friends in on the action, Puppeteer gives your friends the power to unleash the horde on you.

With it being available on Steam, there are several achievements you can strive for. Such achievements include Insomnia(where you must survive 9 minutes as Gunslinger), I’m the Juggernaut( where you must kill 500 club dolls) and First Blood(where you must kill your first doll). Completing all these achievements will definitely make you Sophie’s true Guardian. You can check VRFocus compiled list in one of their posts.

Overall, Game Coders Studio has definitely made an unforgettable experience in VR with “Sophie’s Guardian.” And with it’s game style, with waves of enemies testing your might, it institutes high replayability, with you wanting to top your local and global leaderboards. The game is currently available on steam, but hopefully it will be made available for all VR platforms to enjoy. You can keep up-to-date on developments by following them on Twitter @GameCoder_Team.

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The Creator of Worms @Team17Ltd is Releasing Their Debut #VR Game “Lethal VR”

I do believe, even though there is much enthusiasm for immersive media, like virtual reality, it is going to be necessary for established and skilled developers to pave the pathway for future VR experiences, when everyone finally begins to embrace VR interfaces as a useful medium. Some of the experienced and skilled studios I’ve had the pleasure to write about include StireFire, Fierce Kaiju, Turtle Rock, Funomena and JanusVR. Which brings me to Team17.

Team17 is a long-standing game development studio, with over 25 years of experience, who is well known for their popular Worms franchise. You know, the game where you and your friends are gun-toting, bomb-tastic, rocket-aiming sweet little earthworms, who’s main objective is to blow the other worm off the map. Me and my friends use to play this game hours on end, months on end.

In partnership with Three Fields Entertainment, they are planning a release for their debut VR game, Lethal VR. As the name implies, you are lethal, but towards props. The game is meant to revitalize the classic arcade shooter games. You are placed in a shooting-range setting, where various props appear, where you must exercise precision and timing, while avoid hitting friendly targets, such as civilians.

In a room-scale experience, there are various locations to try out your gun skills, ranging from an futuristic shooting range to an old-western town. As seen by their trailer, you’ve the option to dual-wield pistols or if you want to practice being a ninja, shoot shurikens. Basically, Lethal VR let’s you practice being the hero action star you always wanted to be. The game is currently scheduled to be released for the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Asides from their first ever immersive game, “Lethal VR,” they also invite gamers to test out unreleased games through their Usability Lab. So if you’re want your thoughts to count on their next game release as well as giving construction criticism on their next VR release, go ahead and sign up. Team17 has definitely developed a fun and professional reputation, which will be exciting to see what other immersive games they come out with, hopefully. You can connect with Team17 on Twitter @Team17Ltd.

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@FierceKaiju is Re-Inventing Flagship #VR Game “Viral”for the Rift and Vive


I must admit, it’s fun scouring the internet for game studios and engineering companies who are adding creative solutions and entertaining content to the VR marketplace. Honestly, who would’ve expected that immersive interfaces, such as the HTC Vive and Playstation VR, was right around the corner for the average person to purchase? Who would’ve thought so much experiences and digital tools would be available for VR within a year of it’s introduction to the public marketplace? But who can blame these pioneering developers, such as Fierce Kaiju.

Fierce Kaiju is a game development studio based in Yorkshire, UK, which was founded in mid-year 2014 by Paul Colls(Creative Director), Dan Roberts(Art Director) and Andy Greensmith, with the focus on creating immersive content. Before its founding, the developers have been harnessing their skills with Rockstar Games and Activision, being a part of the Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series.

In cooperation with Oculus in year 2015, they produced their flagship VR game “Viral,” for the Gear VR. Viral puts you into an A.I. program named E.V.E.(a.k.a. Emotional Virtual Engine), as the anti-virus warrior program “Ragnarok”. Needless to say, your objective: Eliminate the Viruses. You have access to power-ups and E.V.E.’s dormant defense system to clean out her system.

To create a comfortable and intuitive gaming system, they’ve kept the player stationery, so in order to avoid health-loss, you must shoot incoming projectiles fired from the viruses. Also, to advance through the levels, they employ a teleportation system, where the player shoots the next platform after done eliminating the enemies. The game is colorful and addictive and has recieced recognition from Polygon and Three Bens in VR. If you own a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, then you’re in luck, since they are making the game compatible for these hi-end immersive interfaces.

For a studio founded on the purpose of creating entertaining and addictive immersive games to add traction to the adoption of virtual reality, we should expect to see more polished experiences from Fierce Kaiju. If you’re you are interested in learning more about them, you can connect with them via Twitter @FierceKaiju.

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@NinjaTheory Releases First Person Shooter #VR game DEXED on SteamVR

It’s been barely a year since Hi-end VR headsets hit the mainstream. Within this time-frame, there have been plenty of content, exhibiting the various ways immersive media can utilized. With much prediction and researchers pointing towards 2020 being the year mixed reality content will become common place, which makes sense that development studios are joining the VR bandwagon, in order to build the skill-set and portfolio to build comfortable and immersive experiences.

Speaking of studios, Ninja Theory has recently released their first immersive game for the HTC Vive. Ninja Theory is a AAA game development studio, first founded in 2004 and powered by Nina Kristensen(Chief Development Director), Tameem Antoniades(Chief Creative Director) and Jez San OBE (Non-Exec Director), who have had the opportunity to partner with Sony Entertainment(Heavenly Sword), Namco Bandai(Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) and Capcom(DmC: Devil May Cry). They’ve also developed Senua Studio, which allows entertainment professional to control digital characters live.

To steady for the growing demand for hi-quality replayable immersive content, they’ve produced first-person dual shooter VR game, “DEXED(a.k.a. DEXterity.” DEXED was born from 8 developers within 3 months, as part of game jam. Objective of the game is to rack up points as you blast through element sensitive enemies. With one tracking controller or gun being optimized by fire and the other by ice, you must successfully take out ice and fire enemies with the right elemental projectiles, while coasting through various terrain.

What brings extreme replayability for the game, besides the various detailed combat environments, is your ability to post your scores on global and friendly leaderboards. As commented by a Steam member, “If you consider this game has been pulled together in only three months by a team of 8 persons, I find it rather fantastic. The game is very polished, the animation of the boss is very nice, the environments are splendid.” The only thing to consider, before investing 10 dollars into DEXED is whether you can stomach moving on a rail in VR.

Surely as demand for entertaining content in VR grows, Ninja Theory will utilize their assets and may even partner up with other studios to create high quality immersive games. Til then, you can purchase their game on SteamVR or connect with them via Twitter @NinjaTheory.

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@JaywalkersInt and @Vertigo_Games Creates Hi-Tension #VR Zombie Game ‘Arizona Sunshine’

Oh post apocalyptic world, how would you look in virtual reality? The are definitely some developers with answers to this question with VR games, such as Homebound, Brookhaven Experiment and The Solus Project. Now there’s a new apocalyptic game on the horizon from the joint efforts of Jaywalkers Interactive and Vertigo Games, titled “Arizona Sunshine.”

Jaywalkers Interactive was founded by aspiring developers Vincent Bonefaas and Laurens Bruins, who has created the games Kick & Fenick and Blue Marble. Vertigo Games has been a long time developer of virtual reality games, such as Skyworld and World of Diving, and training simulations for various clients. With this duo, you can expect that Arizona Sunshine is going to be worth your VR to-do list.

Arizona Sunshine takes place in, well… Arizona, where you must seek out survivors in the scorching heat after hearing signs of life from a radio. Your survival skills are thoroughly tested with access to an arsenal of weapons, including a sniper rifle, grenades and if you’re brave enough, a knife.

The game was also built with the HTC Vive(SteamVR) in mind, providing you with a room-scale experience of zombies, though if you’ve opted for the Oculus Rift, you can still enjoy the game. Arizona Sunshine also features multiplayer mode for your friends to join in on the action. One cool thing, short and sweet segments which which paints you a full picture about your post-apocalyptic situation. This was designed for in-N-out play or long-term fun.

If you’re zombie lover who owns a majestic headset, then you must play Arizona Sunshine. The environment is highly engaging and detailed, with an arsenal of weapons suited for annihilating zombies. It is a dream of nightmares come true in virtual reality. You can keep up-to-date on developments by following Vertigo Games via Twitter @Vertigo_Game or Jaywalkers Interactive @Jaywalkersint.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on zombie-horror game Arizona Sunshine with a comment below:)

@HVSGames is Upping the Ante On VR First Person Shooter Games with @DamagedCore

It is great to see development studios taken up the task of creating entertaining and captivating VR content. Who’d blame them? With the amount of space to develop in exponential increased and an unparalleled way to immerse people in the very environments they create, it would be a fools errand to not develop for the VR platform.

This brings me to High Voltage Studio. Since 1993, the studio has built a portfolio of over 90 developed games for emerging entertainment platforms, including Mortal Kombat X, Zoombies, Saints Row IV: Gat at of Hell and The Conduit. Now they are developing for the next-level of media interfaces: Virtual Reality.

The first VR game to come from High Voltage was ‘Dragon Front.’ If you like the idea of collecting cards and seeing them come alive in battle, this is a game to check out. Built for the Oculus Rift, your objective is to protect your kingdom by building a formidable deck, which could include knights, airplanes, war machines or fire breathing dragons. The battle takes place on a 4×4 grid, where you watch your cards in action.

Though, if you wants something a little more action packed, which involves you and an arsenal of weapons, then ‘Damaged Core’ is the game. Damaged Core is High Voltage second VR game to be released on the Oculus Store. The game takes place in an dystopian future, where an A.I. known as ‘Core’ is taking over robots to extinct mankind.

The gameplay of ‘Damaged Core’ is something to admire, as it takes what is perceived as weakpoints in VR gameplay and turns it into a necessary element. If you’ve played any first-person-VR game that requires you to move, you usually teleport as a means of movement, which can feel limiting. With Damaged Core, as an A.I. or software, you must ‘teleport’ or hack into different robots or mechanical devices in order to stay alive and take out the malicious A.I., Core.

Overall, with highly detailed environments, interesting storyline and well thought game mechanics, Damaged Core, as well as, Dragon Front is worth your VR to-do list. Currently it is available for Oculus Rift owners. You can stay up to date with High Voltage current developments via Twitter @HVSGames.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on High Voltage VR endeavors with with a comment below:)

Playside VR: Making a Bang in the Virtual Reality Marketplace with Flagship Game ZR: Zombie Riot

Virtual reality is the new canvas for developers and artists to paint on. It provides another dimension of creativity and interactivity. Needless to say, many have been applying their own VR experiences to the VR marketplace. Many have started-up their own studios for solely contributing to the rise of VR. Some have even made it their duty to create the very first apocalyptic zombie experience for VR.

I’m talking about a imaginative and idealistic studio by the name of PlaySide VR. Playside VR is a fairly new game studio, founded by Playside Studios, for the purpose of producing hi-quality, highly engaging, action-packed virtual reality games. Oculus and Unity has partnered up with them to make this a reality.

They’re entering the marketplace with flagship game “ZR: Zombie Riot.” ZR was made from the ground-up for VR. Placed in a rundown, zombie-ravaged, post-apocalyptic town, your main and only objective is to survive the incoming waves of the glowy-green-eyed undead. But don’t you worry, since you’ll have plenty of tools-of-undead-destruction at your disposal.

By utilizing two handheld controllers, such as the Oculus Touch, you can pick up various weaponry scattered across the environment. To have the right tool for each situation you’ll find yourself in, you can utilize crafting abilities to combine weapons for maximum zombie-killing efficiency. As Playside VR would say, “You have the freedom to handle the undead your way! Take them out in style; Tennis rackets, chainsaw & burning teddy bears blazing.”

ZR : Zombie Riot is planned to be released in fall of 2016, so mark it on your calendar as it is something worth adding to your VR to-do list. If you’re interested in partnering up with PlaysideVR to create next-gen VR experiences or just learning more about them, go ahead and visit

Zenz VR Develops an Immersive Intense Horror Game for the HTC Vive Titled ‘Hordez’

How scary would it be to be placed right in the zombie apocalypse? This is a experience that can be realized through virtual reality. It is also an experience that can be realized through Zenz VR’s Hordez. Zenz VR is an independent development studio powered by one dedicated mind, by the name of Niklas Persson. He’s previously worked on titles such as Battlefield: 1942 and Codename: Eagle, but now spends his time sharpening his VR developmental skills.

Hordez is a great showcase of his skills. Initially produced for the HTC Vive, it places you in a post-apocalyptic world of the undead. The cause of this, was a rift in dimensions, which allowed demons to cross over into the living-realm and take possession of human-beings. Now these possessed human zombies sole desire is to eradicate all living things on Earth. Your sole mission is to eradicate every demonic zombie.

You play the role as an elite hi-powered guns-for-hire that secures various locations from demonic portals. Unlike most of virtual reality games to-date, you are carried through the game on a self-guided floating platform, which means evading the hordez or hiding is not an option. You’ll have to stand your ground and put your aiming skills to the test. The action is intense and non-stop, giving you a variety of weapons to take out the hordez, such as knives, machine-guns and explosives.

As stated by VRFocus, “Although there’s no cover system as with Virtua Cop of Time Crisis, the videogame is based upon the ideal of never having a momentary lapse of concentration: you’ve inserted your coins and videogame is going to continually attempt to punish you until it’s game over.”

A game like this, will surely make the weak-hearted throw off their VR headset. Honestly, even the strong-hearted may find it too frightening of having a ghoulish zombie right up in their personal space. Well, more like a lot of possessed decaying bodies running straight towards you. A word of advice for this game: Make sure nothings is in your immediate vicinity, as you are sure to knock some stuff over while you fight for your virtual life.

If you’re looking for some intense zombie action, Hordez is definitely the game to add to your VR to-do list. It is set to be released sometime in second quarter of 2016 on Steam. Zens VR ‘Hordez’ demonstrates how HTC Vive room-scale and dual-controller capabilities can be utilized for immersive and intense fun. As an end note, lucky there is no haptics for the olfactory senses or this game would just be unbearable to play.

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