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Take Center Stage as Drummer in Reality Reflections #VRGame ‘Music Inside’

It’s exciting to see development studios coming up with approaches for immersing people in the music they love. Such studio includes The Wave VR, which allows DJ’s and musical artists to perform on a VR stage, which means all sorts of cool effects could be added and the audience can be a part of the artist’s imagination. But how about a more simple Guitar Hero-style approach?

This is exactly what Reality Reflection has created. The studio is powered by 14 skilled individuals, with Chief Officers being Chester Jungseok Roh(Strategy), Yongjun Hong(Financial), Wooram Son(Executive) and Junsoo Kim(Operating). Founded in April of 2015, their original objective is to provide a easier way for content-creators to make high-quality immersive videos, through their 3D video production system, dubbed ‘Reality Reflection.’

Now they’ve created an immersive game, which allows you to become the drummer of your favorite songs, titled ‘Music Inside.’ The game puts you at the center of your own stage with a set of translucent drums and a virtual audience. You have access to 4 different game modes, 5 levels of difficulty and steam achievements to shoot for.

Steam player, Frozen City, gave the game a thumbs up, saying “I was going to try this game for just 10 minutes before sleep, but I played 1 hour. This is absolutely a nice rhythm game.” The player also provided a list of pros, commenting on the games ultra-low latency, tons of good music to choose from SoundCloud, great controller feedback.

Overall, if you’re into music and drums, Music Inside is definitely a game worth checking out. If you’re into Guitar Hero style gameplay, then check this game out. It is currently available through SteamVR for $20. You can also get in touch with Reality Reflection through realityreflection.com.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on Music Inside with a comment below:)

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