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The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance: Comprehensive Guide to AR Solutions for Industrial Use

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance(AREA) is a dedicated non-profit organization providing insight and benefits of augmented reality applications for businesses and industries. The AREA is ran by it’s members, which includes DAQRI, Electric Power Institute, Johnson & Johnson, Huawei, Atheer Labs, Bosch, The Boeing Company and continues to grow. If you own a business and interested the kind of solutions augmented reality has to offer you, you can register to become a member.

Some of the use-cases they demonstrate augmented reality to be effective in is Product Design, Assembly, Training, Marketing & Sales, and Field Service. For instance, the AREA explains AR allows low-cost process of conceptualizing and prototyping product designs without relying on 2D schematics or wasted material costs.

Augmented Reality will provide a more streamlined approach to training individuals in real-world industrial environments, with instant access to modules or policies and reducing human-error. Marketing & Sales has already seen a increase on ROI, utilizing augmented reality, for the sheer fact that customers are able to virtually try-on or instantly learn more about products of interests. The AREA goes into more detail about the different interfaces and solutions for many use-cases.

They also have scheduled events they attend, to showcase and explain the value of immersive interfaces and solutions for major industries. Their latest one, AR VR Innovate, was held on April 28th, 2016 at Dublin, Ireland. This was “a one-day conference and exposition focusing on the business aspects of Augmented and Virtual Reality.” They covered the Industrial/engineering, Marketing Communications, Tourism/events, Construction/real-estate and Gaming Markets. Director of marketing at DAQRI, Regan Wynne, was a speaker at the conference. You can see the rest of their scheduled events on their AR Community Events page.

They also provide a monthly newsletter. This ranges from topics such as, Industrial Internet of Things, Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance Webinars and the direction of AR capabilities. Past issues can be viewed on their Newsletter Archives, but you can sign up to be a member to view their future issues.

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance is the first of it’s kind to have a extensive database, dedicated to providing industries a go-to reference area for AR and VR solutions. Since it is member-oriented, you’ll be getting feedback, insight and successful solutions from companies rooted in marketing/sales, manufacturing, product design and so forth. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and check out The AREA. Now I just need to find a website dedicated to catalogging companies bringing the augmented and virtual reality industries to life.

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