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The Future of Augmented Reality

When it comes to the next advancements in gaming systems, virtual reality tech has been at the forefront. With the maturing of these apparatuses, gamers will feel more connected to the games they play. One of the first games I saw remastered into VR was “The Legend of Zelda” using the Oculus Rift. When I saw the gameplay, though crude, was a eye-opener to the future of virtual reality (immersive multimedia that replicates an environment to stimulate a physical presence in digitally created worlds).

Now with VR headsets pushing itself into mainstream, amusement parks are being erected in favor of this digital-teleporting tech. The Void is one such park. Set to open in 2016 at Pleasant Grove, Utah, it will allow you and your family/friends to pass through time and space. It will drop you into a world of dinosaurs and futuristic battlefields. The gadgets you will use to explore these unforeseen terrain looks incredible. You will be suited with a Rapture HMD( that delivers dual curved OLED displays, high quality THX headphones, super-gain microphones, and head tracking sensors), a Rapture Vest( a adjustable light-wieght vest delivering four types of haptic feedback), and Rapture Gloves( gloves that’ll allow you to physically interact with the virtual worlds, from activating elevators to using superhuman powers.) This VR park is definitely a experience I look forward to.

Besides the hype about the impact of VR techonlogy. There is a offshoot of this tech called Augmented Reality (AR). The idea of this tech is to superimpose digital graphics over the real-world, using eyewear. For instance, if you are wearing a IoT(Internet of Things) AR glasses, and needed directons to the nearest Subway, you would see a digital “yellow brick road” showing you the way. Or better yet, capture Pokémon in the real-world. Which is exactly what Nintendo and Niantic plans to do. Set to release sometime in 2016, like The Void, you will soon be able to capture a Pikachu. This endeavor, if successful, will get people out in the open world, trying to catch their favorite Pokémon. Pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

You may not be a Pokémon fan or a gamer, but the advancements these innovations provide will definitely provide you a different “veiw” on life. You may soon get your excersize on with virtual tennis or rate someones beauty simply by looking at them through AR glasses. It is still a few years off, before VR and AR tech is accepted on the mainstream level. If the modern great minds continue to advance it’s research and applications of these devices, there’s no telling what the future of augmented reality will bring to the next generations.

Do you believe VR/AR tech will enhance your life in a meaningful way?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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