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The Future of Educational Games

In the modern age, I do not come across too many people who have not played a digital game, whether it be “The Sims” or “Angry Birds”. I remember only just a couple of decades ago, my mom would force me to play outside and get off the Playstation. Now and days, it’s common for a child(even adults) to be absorbed into their digital screens playing Farmville on Facebook or GTAV on their PS4 or XOne. The fact is, we love to cosplay, and digital games have delivered us a way to enter virtual worlds and live out our fascinations.

Though video games can be extremely addictive and entertaining, hearing the words “education” can stimulate anxiety and take us to a place of dry professors and teachers hypnotizing us to sleep. Which brings me to my curiosity: Can virtual game worlds and education merge together to provide a non-stop entertaining and learning platform? Especially when our attention towards something unstimulating wanes. No doubt there are apps that you can download that can excersize you brain functions and digital classroom materials designed to keep students attention. You can even buy educational games for computers. So what would be the future of eductional games?

I believe when it comes to this, Strange Loop Games is on track in influencing the future of educational games. They are creating a open-world game, where you can build structures, homes, colonies, and civilizations to survive in the world called “Eco”. A simple name that easily reflects what the game is about.

The premise of the game is, you are faced with a impending Armageddon(like a drought or meteor strike) and in order to survive within the game, you will need to gather resources from the world. Like wood for shelter or elk for food. Depending on how much you consume or how you regulate your resources can determine how you impact the environment around you. For instance, if you chopped down more trees than your planting, you will start to see that area turn into a desolate desert. You will also have to invest in education for you citizens to create more advanced structures to be more adapt to surviving the impending doom. Or maybe not and have caveman going barbarian and attacking other civilizations.

Yes, other civilizations will exist with the world that our ran by real-time human players. You can join other people within the world to fortify your existence. This also means you will experience other players impact on the environment and resources. Which makes global cooporation important for the game. If you decide not to join the others, you can just build you a hydro-powered home, but I’m not sure since it is still in its Kickstarter campaign.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, a game like this will provide a engaging way to learn how our real-life choices on the world impacts the environment and other humans in the world. A virtual world like this, will make you second guess whether to pollute your life with plastic and find alternative solutions to enjoy clean water. That is what the great minds of the modern age are currently doing right now. And serioulsy, the game itself looks pretty cool. You can back the project here: Global-Survival or if the campaigns done, see if it’s available in your local onine retailer.

Do you believe virtual worlds will be a major component of education in the future?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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