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The Future of Humanoid Robots

It’s fun to imagine a world in the future, that is teeming with androids roaming around and performing daily human activities for us. That in the time to come, we will be greeted by a humanoid robots at the clothing stores and hotels. It’s a thought fun to ponder about. The truth is, researchers in Japan have already created humanoid robots that can interact with the human in a personal way, forecasting the future of humanoid robots.

Have you heard of “Pepper”? It is clever robot that can read sophisticated human interactions and respond appropriately. Designed by Softbank, the humanoid robot can recognize “speech, inflection and tones in our voice,” and uses machine learning to be more competent in human interactions. Even though this android looks like a toy you’d buy for your kids, it is designed for people who needs companionship( like the elderly) or who want to stay up-to-date on robotic advancements. On its initial release, the first 1,000 Pepper androids(that cost $1,600) sold out in a matter of minutes. Which goes to show when sophisticated humanoid robots hit the mass-market, it will sell like candy. And we like candy.

Another unique android specimen in existence today, is ChihiraAico. It is “lifelike android robot built by electronics manufacturer Toshiba.” Unlike Pepper, it has a realistic human face, that can interact with people with precise facial expressions. The robot can communicate using body language, with 43 motors that puts it in motion. ChihiraAico can also speak Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English. At the current moment, it is being showcased in a Tokyo department store, where it greets customers and operates as a talking directory. Pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

If not the demonstration of human intelligence these humanoid-robots showcase, these creations provide a glimpse into the future of humanoid robots. When human-like ChihiraAico shares the emotional A.I. that Pepper have, is when we’ll see people abandoning human interpersonal relationships for programmable robot relations. Future generations may not even be able to distinguish between human and robot, once this technology matures. And those years will redefine what it means to be human.

Would you want a human-android living in at home with you in the future?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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