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The Future of Stellar Energy

To be a researcher in major scientific/techological fields, you truly have to be ambitious. With Samsungs newest smartphone “Galaxy S6 Edge,” that has real-time video streaming, OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) thin dual-edge, and wireless charging. Or Tesla’s Powerwall, that can store your homes excess solar energy during peak production, saving energy for peak demand(when power companies charge a higher price for electricity.) Even Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci, a robot that allows surgeons to operate on patients from a distance via telepresence, is pushing boundaries in the medical field. When it comes to the future of innovation, it is the ambitious minds of the modern age that’ll shape what lies ahead.

Another ambitious project in the works is stellar energy. It is known, that fossil fuels(coal, petroleum, and natural gas) is a limited resource and releases poisoning carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,contributing to global warming. Which is why renewable-energy(solar, hydro, wind, etc.) is important to reversing the damage done to our atmpsphere. Solar power has been the most popular renewable energy to use, though rooftop panels are only most effecient during daytime with clear skies.

With that in mind, a technology called stellar energy will “return so much more power than regular Earth-based solar energy.” Stellar energy harnesses the Sun’s rays above Earths atmosphere, providing 24/7/365 hours of energy. “Paul Jaffe, a spacecraft engineer at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory,” predicts that each array would churn out 250 megawatts to 5 gigawatts of energy.

What has stalled stellar energy implementation, is not safety or design, but the cost. It’s costs nearly $4,600 per kilogram to launch into low orbit. For space-based energy to compete with other renewables, the cost would have to come down by ninety percent. Which is why Elon Musk founded SpaceX, to reduce the dollar amount to launch objects into space by using renewable rockets. When the cost-barrier is crossed, stellar energy will be another renewable power-source for you, that’ll reduce the carbon dioxide emitted into our air. Already Pacific Gas & Electric(California-based power company) has signed onto space-based power, once implemented. Once launch costs go down, the future of stellar energy will be sealed.

Final Thoughts

I am excited that such intelligent and ambitious humans exist on planet Earth. Whether or not, such a space project would become reality(which I’m positive will be), the ability to think of and conjure up the future of stellar energy is amazing and what is necessary if the human race wants to continue to survive. Sometimes, I wish I had cognitive abilities to see what the future holds. But then when I think more about it, I come to the conclusion “No Spoilers!” I’ll leave the precognitive abilities to the A.I. tech of the future.

What are your thoughts on renewable energy of the future?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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