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The Future When Augmented Reality Becomes Mainstream

I’ve always imagined what it would be like to capture pokemon in the physical world. Maybe pull out a floating screen that displays the weather or live feed of my favorite team. What I’m detailing here is augmented reality. A world in which virtual reality is meshed with physical reality. This is exactly what companies like Microsoft and Atheer are bringing to the market.

Augmented reality can provide a more in depth experience of the world around you and bring life to life. It is amazing peice of tech that will definitely change the way we interact with the world around us. Microsoft had a great demo on how their Hololens, by using gesture and voice recognition, can create enhanced experiences. The device truly looks like eyewear of the future.

If you love Minecraft, then you’ll love the ability to have a full 3D overview of your world placed right on top of a coffee table. Here’s a video of it: Minecraft Hololens. They also showcased a floating video player that’ll follow you, so you are not confined to one space for visual entertainment. You can even pin virtual calender to your wall, keeping your physical space less cluttered.

One particularly unique feature they showcased, was Hololens ability to relay information to robots. A robot named “B-15” came onto the stage and from first look, it is a 3-wheeled system with a camera sticking out of it. But through the eyes of the AR glasses, a animated character appeared on top of B-15. The demostrator, Miko, moved the wheeled bot by placing waypoints on the ground by using Hololens. The robot followed the waypoint, and if a object was in the path of the robots destination, it would reroute itself using the tools available in the Hololens. Pretty nifty and pretty convenient when working with robots.

This digital tech is one of many becoming available for the average person to play with and enhance their own personal experiences in life. We may soon realize what it feels like to be Ash  from Pokémon or Yugi-Oh when these devices hit mainstream. That is what I most excited for. What feature or future feature will excite you the most when Augmented Reality becomes mainstream?

As always, from Around Your Screen

P.S. Here’s a great article detailing Hololens: Boosh Review

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