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The Maturing of 3D Tech, Solar Power, and Autonomous Craft

In recent years, certain technology has been getting a great deal of attention. Proving the world that humans are not done innovating. 3D printing has made it possible to create objects, without relying heavily on the human hand. Virtual reality headsets has upped the level in experiencing visual art and different landscapes. Autonomous vehicles has brought hope to the lazy driver and safer roads. Renewable energies( such as solar, wind, and biomass) is decreasing our reliabilty on limited resources and reducing carbon emissions in the air we breathe. Flying drones is becoming popular amongst the common man and commercial entities. IoT(Internet of Things) has become a buzzword for electronics connected to the world web that provides personalized assistance. No doubt “new” technologies are maturing and revolutionizing the way we operate. To uderstand the magnitude of these inventions, we’d have to take a look at how companies are integrating them into their business.

Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport( India’s leading airport in sustainability) has installed over 46,000 solar panels that delivers more than 50,000 units of electricity everyday. That’s equal to powering 10,000 homes per year. Now the airport will be upgraded with another solar plant, allowing it to produce nearly 100,000 units of energy per day. Definitely cutting down the amount of carbon emissions produced. This project will be completed by 2018. Cochin International Airport is really is pushing the boundaries and expectations of businesses utilizing renewable energy. Pretty cool.

3D printing Glass

When it comes to 3D printing, it is already being used in constructing houses and cars. Just recently scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) created a 3D printer that prints glass. Yes, it prints glass into different shapes. And very cool shapes. It is modeled after the same printer that can print houses, which printing homes in and of itself is pretty cool. When watching the G3DP(Glass Three Dimensional Printer) it looks like honey pouring out. At least thats what I hear. In any case, a new material to be printed has just arrived. This will free up some hands.

Duke Energy & AeroVironment

Drones have become popular. Understandably FAA has been creating regulations to prevent the misuse of unmanned aerial vehicles. They are also allowing some businesses to use it for safer purposes, such as monitoring crops in farmfields and responding to natural disasters. Duke Energy has teamed up with AeroVironment to “determine feasibilty of the unmanned aerial vehicles and see how the company could best make use of them.” Essentially they are experiementing with drones that can scan solar farms and power lines for maintenance. As well as improved reaction to outages. A great way to prove the positive contributions aerial drones have to offer. Though I’m looking forward to the minutare drone that can take selfies. I kid.


Well speaking of kid, autonomous vehicles will be able to take a little pressure of the driver. It’d be good to switch on autopilot when on the road. Especially when traveling cross-state. Unless you’re still using a type-writer, you’ve heard a lot of hype about autonomous vehicles and how it will change the way we travel. Now autonomous vehicle technology is being used to study the Celtic Sea by Britain’s National Oceanography Centre. This endeavor is to explore more deeply the lifestyles of the exotic creatures that exist in the Celtic Sea. In order to go about this task, they’ve created a autonomous marine vehicle, named C-Enduro. This craft is powered by solar, wind, and deisel energy to allow optimal time out in sea. Honestly, the vehicle itself looks pretty cool. Though it is autonomous, it can also be controlled via satellite. Maybe years from now, a fleet of robots will be working out at sea. Just a thought.

Virtual Reality Practice

Interesting enough, virtual reality headsets are beginning to take its place in society. Being used for various means, from gaming to practice simulation. Which is what some football teams are doing to practice for the upcoming season. The University of Mississippi is working “with EON sports to sharpen their skills in the virtual world.” The simulation is more intended for quarterbacks, that reduces the chances of accidental injury during practice. Pretty ingenious. Still waiting for the VR tech that’ll allow me to wonder around in the streets of another country. Well, that’s what dreams are for.

Final Thought

All these cool applications for tech, makes me eager to see who will bring the first consumer product to market. Could not even imagine the hard-work these great minds put in to create such magical tools. And with these magical creations the world around us continues to change.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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