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The Struggling Rise of 3D Printing

When most people envision technology for the future, we think about a lifestyle that takes the workload off the human and put it on our robotic counterparts. For instance the internet was created to allow a more streamline speedy transfer of information between important individuals part of the US government. This reduced the necessity to for mailing or relying on phone calls for exchanging valuable information and upgraded the government to be more progressive in their actions. Now, in modern times, we have the luxury of this commodity created by the intelligent scientists commissioned by the US government. That’s just a example of how we push some of the workload off ourselves onto our tech counterparts.

Why Was The Internet Created?

Similar to the start of the internet revolution, the struggling rise of 3D printing is making it’s way into households(at least trying.) This commodity is mostly used by game studios, medical institutes, and hobbyists. Still, the wide spread of 3D technology to construct objects from home for cheaper verses buying from retailers, has not become reality… just yet. Simply, because we do not see the necessity of these machines in our households. The electric cars, popularized by Tesla, was seen important to reduce carbon emissions polluting the air we breath. For 3D printing, the reason people will accept this technology into their homes is if it becomes cheaper and easy to use. Like a microwave. Which research company Gartner predicts it still more than five years before reaching mainstream.

This doesn’t mean inventors are not pushing for 3D printing to hit the mainstream. A American-based toolmaker company Dremel, claims to create a more user-friendly and cheaper printer for the average consumer, named the “Ideal Builder.” On Sept 1st 2015, the device became available in the Britain market for £850. Dremel is promoting the ease-of-use the device provides by having a touchscreen interface and preset options to print earrings and dice. They also claim you can set it up in ten minutes. The “Ideal Builder” is definitely for the average consumer ready to invest in the future and become more tech-savvy. Pretty Cool.

Final Thoughts

The moral of the story is the world is becoming more advanced in the way we live and the tech that seem irrelevant or useless today, may just become part of a new lifestyle in life. The rise of 3D printing may even become before decades end, if the great minds of now continue to make this tech more appealing to the average consumer. I have no doubt, if this tech continues to be talked about and improved on, people will find a personal use for them in the daily lives.

As always, from Around Your Scream.

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What are your thought’s about 3D printing hitting mainstream?

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