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The Virtual Reality of Web

The web is one of the most revolutionary inventions granted to man. Without it, we would not have such successes in grouping large people together for a common cause. We would not have the option to search different biases of information. Without it, we may not be able to keep in touch with friends from across the world. Without it, we may not have such a profound growth in the technology we are accustomed today. Needless to say, the internet is one of the greatest man-made innovations on planet Earth. We may not be able to do half the things we are privileged to do, without the aid of internet.

With that said, Mozilla has a arm of its research working on morphing the web into virtual reality. If you haven’t been notified of the popularity of virtual reality, you should upgrade to a smartphone. Being able to immerse yourself into digital worlds will soon enough be common place. It is making gaming experiences more interactive. It allows the user to delve into the entertainment. Now Mozilla( and most likely others) are working on a way to transform the internet into virtual reality. With each page and contents of the internet providing a immersive experience of the web. Insane. Though truthfully, it was inevitable that someone will tackle the aspect of turning web space into virtual space. A few decades form now, people wont be complaining about young people being stuck on their smartphones, but stuck in their VR headsets.

Well, it’s pretty cool that one day we can explore the web without the aid of a keyboard and a screen a foot away from us. Possibly being able to walk in the web, instead of clicking through it. Makes me wonder how advertisement will adapt to this new media? Probably a floating balloon following you, waiting for you to pop it. It’ll definitely be a new experience once perfected. Thinking about it more, if Google maps combines with VR headsets, you virtually walk any place on planet Earth and not spend a fortune just to explore. How will social media change in the VR web? You may be able to talk to your friends digitally face to face. That be interesting. Maybe even visit virtually customized rooms of friends, displaying their life and such. I don’t know. The tech is still in its infancy. Other way, it’s cool Mozilla is working on this endeavor. Well, while they’re at it, maybe someone can come up with a way to taste food online. Well, I can dream… right?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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