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The Wave VR is Developing the World’s First VR Music Metaverse

It may seem the music industry has reached it’s pinnacle when it comes to how audiences consume their music. We can listen to the music we love by digitally downloading it, watching it on YouTube, going to a concert or simply sing them out loud to ourselves. Though what if we can actually enter an imaginative world where music thrives and artist have full freedom of expression. With virtual reality, that is definitely possible.

This is essentially the goal of the team at The Wave VR. Founded earlier this year by Adam Arrigo(CEO), Aaron Lemke(Co-Founder) and Finn Staber(Tech Wizard), the studio aims to change the way people experience live music. To propel them to reaching their goals, venture capitalist firms KPCB Edge, Presence Capital, Rothenberg Ventures and many others have invested $2.5 million in a seed round of funding.

Anjney Midha, co-founder at KPCB Edge, stated “The Wave VR is building music experiences that can only exist in virtual reality. They’re giving musicians superpowers they’ve never had before, and allowing listeners to experience performances in ways that have never been possible. We’re excited to help them build this platform.”

As they should be. The benefit to this VR music platform, is the audience can enter the creative mind of the musicians themselves. Also, the musicians and DJs will have the ability to control both the flow of the tracks and the visuals( which is usually the job of another team).

The Wave VR is only a few months in the development process, with an already impressive interface for artists to utilize. They want to make everything, from position of the tracks to the atmosphere the audience inhabits. What is really cool, is that you yourself will not have to travel out to a concert venue or at the club, but stay at home yet be in the same room as the artist.

Popular DJ and Product Evangelist, Grimecraft explains, “You can have venues of people using VR and having the kind of disco experience, as well as having the people from the internet join in on that. You’ll be in a virtual crowd and maybe you wont know who’s actually there and who’s from the internet. It really is connecting the URL and IRL space together.”

The music platform was showcased at VRLA on August 5-6th, which was considered to be the world’s first VR rave. The studio does plan on releasing the beta-version in the fourth quarter of this year. If you want to learn more about the company, take a visit to their website or connect with them on Twitter @TheWaveVR.

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