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The Wildlife of Drones

When we hear about digital technology, it’s mostly about how it’s benefiting the human race. It has assistant in socializing, scouting out new places,scheduling tasks, and creating a more immersive world overall. But obviously us humans are not the only creatures roaming on planet Earth. We’re not the only one being affected by human advances in technology.

As I am sure, you are aware of poachers hunting down animals for their valuable goods. Elephants and rhinocerous for their tusks. Lions and exotic wild life for their skin. Sharks for their fins. It is considered to be a grotesque sport of humans, proving their dominance. As well, threatens these valuable animal to early extinction. But just as there are malevolent humans, there are benevolent humans. Now animals in the wild are being equipped with gps tracking devices to deter poachers away. Which is why a dentist* was caught red-handed killing an iconic lion. Which is why it’ll be much more dangerous to hunt down rhinocerous.

Another way, our man-made magical devices are helping our Earthly friends, is by repairing them with 3D printed limbs. I came across and article, explaining how a turtle jaw was replaced with a 3D printing of its original jaw. Pretty cool.

Now its cool how our tech is encouraging positive health in the animal kingdom, but research is being done about how drones are initiating fight or flight responses in the wildlife. Probably not so surprising, as we may get the same responses if we saw a flying machine circling around our neighborhood. Good enough these drones can fly, or they would be in clobbered state. They also mention penguins attacking rovers studying their habitat. Of course, these drones are used for research purposes on natural habitat of wildlife creatures. In order to do just that, they are looking into ways for drones to collect accurate data without wildlife being influenced by their presence. It would be cool if creatures see robots as part of the world as we do, and see how they naturally adapt to their presence.

All in all, it seems our Earthly friends are getting a glimpse into the future humanity is bringing to the world. The wildlife maybe more protected by our tech than we are, it seems. Nonetheless, it is a nice way to shimmy wildlife into the digital culture of humans.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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