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Theodolite: AR App from Hunter Research & Technologies

One of the greatest functions of technology is to create enhanced ways of completing tasks. When earlier astronomers gazed at the stars, they simply had their protractors and a map of the major stars. In order to enhance their techniques of studying the universe, the telescope was born. And with innovative minds dedicated to astronomy, the Hubble telescope and many like it was created. Same can be said with agriculture and societal establishments.

That is the beauty and the curse of the modern Era. Most of us benefit from the blood and sweat of our ancestors, that has granted us the technologies we take for granted today. Because of the complex and long history of technology advancements, a lot of the pioneers that has contributed to this phenomenon is lost in history. Therefore it is most important for us to continue to study the history of human advancements.

Theodolite “is a precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical plane.” It is “also determines the relative location, and are extremely useful in navigation and meteorology,” and rocket science. The main components of the instrument is a moving telescope, spirit level, and tripod mounted to a fixed base.  Just like modern technical instruments used today in many industries, the theodolite has been refined with better methods of measuring topographical angles.

Hunter Research & Technology made another refinement to the theodolite technique, by developing an augmented reality(AR) app, capable of performing the same functions. The app is also called Theodolite. It “combines a compass, GPS, map, photo/movie camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer.” The uses range from ascertaining altitude/elevation and navigation for outdoor sports, to determining level ground during construction and detecting stars/planets in the sky.

The mobility and digital recording features the app provides, means you are not confined to one specific location and can send out valuable data to your team. So instead of lugging around a heavy instrument, you can download this mobile AR app to your iPad or iPhone to study desired angles and such. Instead of spending a pretty penny, you can buy this nifty app for under $10 on their website.

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