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ThingLink Develops Streamlined Content Creation for Virtual Reality Through Interactive 360 Degree Panoramic Images

Virtual Reality is providing a new way for businesses to create content that increases brand engagement. This sort of content can be classified as immersive content. For instance, people can have a life-size view of their product of interest with embedded details or have a virtual tour of real-estate. Another great use-case is for educational purposes. Imagine being able to instantly visit a foreign land and learn about the history and inhabitants of the land.

This brings me to a company providing a platform to create such immersive content. ThingLink is a interactive streamlined web-based content-creator. It gives bloggers, educators and brands a drag-and-drop method, which can combine and merge media in a facile way. They are one of the more popular cross-platform solutions, with over 2 million subscribed users.

Needless to say, they have been providing this streamlined solution for 2D media, before the advent of Virtual Reality headsets. Organizations were able to upload a image, then embed links, videos, pictures or textual details. For instance, a image showcasing various products could be enhanced with embedded details regarding each product. Educators could also create interactive educational experience. An image of a volcano can be enhanced with embedded details of various parts of the volcano.

With ThingLinks extensive experience in providing interactive platform for brands to utilize, it is only natural they would develop a virtual reality platform that can provide a more immersive experience for fans and consumers. The first implementation of their VR platform was geared towards educational applications.

VR Lessons from ThingLink allows users to instantly transport to another part of the world and learn about the environment. Educational institutions can utilize this app to provide a immersive learning experience for their students. Essentially annotating 360-degree panoramic images with stereoscopic audio, videos and other panoramic images.

Another benefit VR Lessons provides is a unique storytelling method. For instance, when learning about Barn Swallows, students can enter a 360-degree panoramic scenario detailing their migration habits. Students can start off in South America, during January, where swallows finish up their body and flight feathers molts. Then follow them to Central America, Alaska and finally their journey back to South America. Stitching panoramic images and textual details together, with each area the swallows visit, would provide a more entertaining, interactive storytelling method for students.

Those who are businesses or beta users of ThingLink can now utilize the same VR-creator platform that was used in the creation for VR Lessons, when signed up for their $1,500 yearly subscription. If you are a educational institute, you can get a %50 volume discount. With over 2 million subscribers and brands looking for betters ways to increase brand engagement, ThingLink is something to look into for creating immersive content.

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