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Total Immersion: Pioneering in Mixed Reality

Skepticism in advancements and benefits from newly found technologies has always existed through human societies. Why would anyone want to put faith into something that has not proven it’s worth when it comes to profits and assisting in day-to-day activities. The truth is, if it were not for pioneering people going against the grain and putting their reputation on the line about human evolution, we would not be experiencing the Age of the Internet & Information.

The truth is that the smartphone you carry in your pocket, the internet you enjoy, your vehicle that aids in your travels, and the continue advancements of the technologies we criticize was brought to us with the blood and sweat of those with an idea. With a philosophy they carry out everyday. That people and themselves can always be better. Can always attain more. This is why companies and individuals put their dollars into new technologies. Because they believe there is always a better solution out there.

The reason I bring this up, is when it come to Mixed Reality there are few companies out there that have stayed in the game, compelling skeptics and the like, that this tech will be the new interface of the future. So I will try my best, to explain the significance of this pioneering augmented reality company.

Total Immersion was brought to life in 1998, by Valentin Lefevre and Bruno Uzzan. The company is based in Suresnes, France and sustains offices in Europe, North America, and Asia.  “It is the worlds largest augmented reality partner network, with over 130 solution providers.” Valentin “believed sophisticated video simulations could be played on the same device.” The first project materializing this idea, was a fitness imitation, using a treadmill and video, simulating a jog through the neighborhood and city. This was definitely a novel idea back in the late 90s, especially when the cellular phones was still maturing in the market. Because of the immense positive feedback from customers on their fitness simulation, they decided to expand further, creating their pioneering proprietary software “D’Fusion.”

D’Fusion allowed the unitization of animation with the physical world. Now to be known as augmented reality. The engine features sophisticated Marker-Less tracking as well as unmatched Face Tracking capabilities. It is now known as “Total Immersion Augmented Reality Engine,” and has provided over 2,000 custom AR solutions for various businesses. They have worked in concert with original equipment manufactures(OEMs) to proactively ensure the success and implementation of mixed reality on new consumer electronics before being released to the public. Total Immersion has partnered with automotive manufacturers, eye-ware companies, television networks, and other vertical fields, showcasing the capabilities of Augmented reality.

Through this plethora of experience and dedication, the “TryLive” software suite was born. Built on a foundation of over a decade patented tech and AR experiences, “TryLive is the next generation of product visualization and virtual try-on solutions for retail, e-commerce, mobile commerce and brand marketing.” This solution has allowed businesses to see conversion rates over 80 per-cent, letting potential and existing customers have a immersive and engaging experience with these businesses. Mister Spex, HappyView, Ebay, Volvo, Volkswagen, and Ray-Ban are only a few businesses that have benefited from Total Immersion’s expertise.

Mister Spex is one of Germanys largest online eye-ware stores that carries over five-thousand variations of glasses. They were in searching for something more convenient for their customers to find the perfect eyewear, while saving them money. TryLive was the solution they chose, allowing people to seamlessly try on and try out the eyewear through a AR mirror. Because of this solution with TV marketing, they’ve experienced a double-digit growth in their sales and customer satisfaction.

eBay is one of the worlds largest innovative online retail stores and they were seeking a way to improve the online experience, when they partnered up with Total Immersion. “eBay’s goal is to make a simple, fast and convenient (way) for consumers to shop virtually anywhere, anytime,” says Yankovich, vice president of eBay mobile.” Since they’ve implemented TryLive, their visitors are able to virtually try on jewelry, sunglasses, and other products, using a iPhone 4 or iPod Touch as a AR mirror.

This is only a couple of success stories. Again this company has been at the forefront of mixed reality applications, pushing the boundaries of customer experience and implementation of the latest interface. Though this is only the beginning, Total Immersion may become the Intel of mixed reality in the future.

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