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TuringVR Holos: Developing A Customizable Interactive Home Space Experience for Virtual Reality

Dan Borkhus and Tyler Waite first conceptualized TuringVR in the year 2014, while working at UW-Madison’s Internet of Things Lab. It came about through a project, where they were creating a customizable living space in virtual reality. Soon after that, Stephen Monette and Prasanth Krishnan joined the team, with the common goal of creating a virtual homespace.

TuringVR customizable homespace platform is known as Holos. Holos interface is simple. You are seated at desk with interactive cards in front of you, that allows you to browse the web, search for VR content and socialize. There are different environments you can choose for your homespace, which includes The Oasis, The Study and The City.

The places you choose to station your desk, are completely customizable. If you want the palm tree sitting behind you to be in front of you, you can move it. I’m sure if you wanted to add a new window to your study, you can do that. The main objective of TuringVR is to allow a fully customizable virtual reality working space that users can access content and entertain themselves.

The way content is accessed, is through a digital deck of cards. You also have a heads-up display with a Home, VR Apps, Web Apps, Collection and Store Tabs. The store gives you access to a curated list of VR and Web applications, suited for your needs. Holos will be free to use, with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, with buyable content through the store.

If you’re a developer or creator, TuringVR is willing to work with you to get your content on their platform for people to discover. As stated by them, “One of our biggest goals when building holos was to allow users to have access to the widest variety of content possible.” This includes light web content and native VR experiences. Through their platform, you’ll receive simplified distribution, insightful analytics and personalized support, as well as monetization for your content. You can visit their creators page to learn more about the program.

UploadVR was able to get in touch with TuringVR about their future plans for Holos, which they’ve confirmed “Holos, is, and always be, free.” Holos is still in the Alpha stage, with projection of them entering Beta sometime this year. You can sign up to be a Alpha Tester, and be one of the first to experience the virtual reality homespace.

2016 is the year, in which the average joe will have access to the virtual reality experience at home. The infinitely expansive space and immersive nature of VR, means there is a lot to be discovered in how to utilize virtual reality. There is already much content out their, such as TuringVR’s Holos, showcasing the benefits and functions provided by VR. But this is only the beginning. As more applications are created and the outer boundaries of VR is discovered, the present as we know it, will be dramatically different from the future we are soon to meet.

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