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@ViarBox Both Creates Branded Cardboard VR Headsets and Streamlined VR Apps

features_viarbox-mediumIt is no doubt various companies have been investing in developments of virtual reality to help promote their brand and shimmy their business into the future age of media interfaces. With that said, there are start-ups out there, like Thinglink who have created applications for brands to track customer’s engagement as well as streamline VR app creations.

One company that is helping in this endeavor, goes by the name Viar. Viar is a two part business, where they build both custom-made cardboard VR headsets and  streamlined VR creation solutions, with ViarBox the former and Viar360 the latter.

ViarBox started when the founder started transforming pizza boxes into mobile VR headsets. His ingenuity spurred a business concept: How about create ready to use, foldable, comfortable, eco-friendly, lightweight cardboard VR headsets for businesses to put their own brands logo on and promote their own products or services by letting people enter the brands VR demo or by given away these branded headsets? Hence forth, ViarBox was created.

Viar360 is a solution a lot of companies are looking for. Instead of having to put down a chunk of change to hire developers to make Virtual Reality demos for services or products rendered, they have provided a more streamlined process. This service can be compared to companies who build their website by using WordPress verses hiring a developer to create the website from scratch.

Their virtual reality app creation is broken down into 5 stages: #1 Prototype. #2 Host. #3 Create. #4 Collaborate. #5 Measure. In Prototype Viar helps with the outline of the app to create your brands storyline to entice people. Then the app is stored on Viar’s servers where it’ll be hosted. After all designs, storypaths, action triggers and information is finalized, the app is created.

They will also continue to collaborate with you if after creation, to make revision as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. Once people enter your brands virtual reality app, you can get data on interactions within the app. This includes a heatmap which captures what they are looking at and data in what action triggers they are tapping into.

Viar is well rounded in helping businesses shimmy into using virtual reality to promote their brand’s services and products. Essentially is a one-stop shop for getting custom made mobile VR headset and custom-made VR apps. If this is something you’re looking for, visit Viar360.com or you can connect with them via Twitter @ViarBox.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your take on Viar’s endeavor by commenting below.

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