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Virtalis: Pioneer in VR Collaboration Systems

When it comes to full-scale virtual collaboration, Virtalis has it down. Their “systems and solutions offer the chance to really understand information and data, to interact with it and foster communication between designers, manufacturers, trainers, marketers and senior management.”

The team behind Virtalis consist of David Cockburn-Price (Managing/ Finance Director), Andrew Connel (Technical Director), Glyn Read (Non-Executive Director), Steve Carpenter (Sales Director) and Dave Francis (Head of Client Delivery). To bring their vision to life, Virtalis has partnered up with Boeing, BGS, Digital Fabric, Siemens, Vertual, Touch & Discover Systems, Christie, PTC, Lanner, Virtual Engineering Centre, Nuclear AMRC, University of Bristol, Bae Systems and Nvidia.

Through their collaboration they have created a suite of VR Systems and Products. Just to name a few, they have designed the ActiveCube ( multi-walled VR environment), ActiveWall (single-walled VR environment), ActiveMove (mobile VR set-up), ActiveDesk (desk-based VR set-up) and ActiveView (multiple Picture-in-Picture solution). The wall set-ups allow other people standing on the outside to view your project, which is convenient for visual presentations. The mobile set-up is great for marketeers visiting different locations, to have a fast and easy way of setting up demos. The desk set-up is great for confined spaces, or individual task work. This is only a few of Virtalis collaborative VR systems.

They also design their own VR peripherals. You can obtain VR gloves or controllers (for manipulating objects), haptic interfaces (for feeling objects) and head-mounted displays (for ocular immersion). They have redirected the focus of cutting-edge technology for digital game immersion, to industry simulation immersion.

Cambridge University utilize Virtalis systems for their veterinary program. This allow their students who are ready to operate on live specimens to do so ethically through a virtual reality simulation. The UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Daresbury and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories utilize multiple Virtalis VR Systems for their computer sciences and engineering. German Aerospace Center (DLR) utilizes Virtalis system for helicopter and fixed wing simulations in training pilots. Illinois State Geological Survey utilizes Virtalis system and Geovisionary to expand their detailed geological mapping program. And the list keeps going on.

Needless to say, Virtalis has benefited many lateral industries with their streamlined VR collaborative approach. They currently have offices located in Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Finland. If your business needs a enhanced way of working on projects or a more engaging approach to presenting your projects, Virtalis is one tech solution that is worth looking into. Go ahead and check out more about Virtalis and their VR solutions on their website.

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