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Virtual Make-Up Artist

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a voluptuous woman or a bearded man? If you have a imagination or artistic skills, you could just recreate yourself into a different persona. Some people like to dress up as alternate characters. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to look into a mirror and have the visual streamed to you, like The Talking Mirror. No worries, soon enough you’ll have access to a virtual make-up artist.

Panasonic earlier this year revealed their “Interactive Mirror” that allows you view your face in different make-up before you apply or just for the fun of it. This “augmented-reality portal” is triggered with a press of a button. You can shape your eyebrows, choose how much blush for your cheeks, and what lipstick color to apply as written by Raymond Wong. But other uses could be made from this sort of magical mirror.

EON Reality has also jumped on the “talking mirror” bandwagon. They envision retailers using this tech, to allow you to try out clothes without wasting time in the changing room. Or “see how your internal organs work superimposed on your own body,” giving you x-ray vision. EON Reality’s Interactive Mirror can track full motion of your skeleton joints in real-time, providing real-time movements of your body. It can also, like other IoT devices, connect to your smartphone, printers, and external networks. So if your looking to revamp your home or business for the future, look-out for the tech in a retailer near you.

Final Thoughts

If retailers were to adapt this tech in the future, no doubt I would be visiting brick-and-mortar establishments more often than buying online. I could virtually try out every garb, gear, and shinys without imagining what it would look like or the hassle of flipping through clothes in the changing room, then sadly come back to the reality, that my wardrobes will never be that big. In a society being run by A.I.-infused-gadgets and creative minds, I look forward to what kinds of tech we’ll have the pleasure to use.

Do you believe a interactive-mirror is a nifty gadget for your “future” home?

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