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Virtual Reality Phenomenon

Have you ever considered just vanishing from planet Earth and landing in a realm where dreams come true. Where you’re a badass warrior slicing through the undead or a captain of your own spaceship exploring the cosmos. Not having to deal with the dreadful reality of being human on Earth. Not depressed by work or pressure from social expectations. It would be nice to just take a vacation from responsibilities. Soon enough, you will be able to do just that. Virtual Reality is becoming new theme parks, such as The Void. Being able to escape the confines of reality has just gotten cooler. It is amazing, what used to be fiction and a fools dream, is now becoming reality. It is only going to get better.

Though this is becoming a phenomenon I am glad to be living in. Lets think about the benefits this will have in the near future. Have you heard of Telepresence? The ability to be present in another place using a robot n not physically being there. With virtual headsets, this experience will become more immersive, allowing the user to truly feel they are actually there. When it comes to gaming experiences, it is an upgrade from peering into a television. When it comes to Theatre experiences, you can host a movie and watch it with your friends from the comfort of your home( and them their homes.) When it comes to surveying or purveying areas with flying drones, VR headsets will provide a more interactive view. When it comes to a vacation on a budget, you can simply teleport yourself to a resort. Now a new reality is being created from the influence from this tech. Augmented Reality. This allows you to manipulate objects in the real world while being in a virtual world. What it means is, while your racing your buggy on a virtual race course, you can look over take a sip of an actual drink next to you without ever taking your goggles off. Or you can have an animated character standing on your wall and then sit on your couch. Amazing. What used to be just fictional is being made possible.

This will change how we socialize with each other. As social networks allow people to peer into your daily activities from the comfort of their home, VR headsets will immerse you/friends into places to be discovered. I wonder what Minecraft would look like with one of the headsets? Well, thank you for listening to my blabber about the future of virtual reality and hope you are as interested as me, in where this tech is heading. Did I say, it amazes me how people continue to push the boundaries, morphing fiction into reality?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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