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Virtual World Society: Bringing Developers and Content Creators together for Virtual Collaborations and Solutions for World Problems

For the longest time, television, mobile devices and monitors were accused of isolating people from reality. These media interfaces held the blame for increasing social dysfunction among the youth, as well as the middle-aged. It was not foreseeable, that there would be a remedy or a solution for prying people from their devices, in order for them become part of their local and world communities. Truth is , there is.

Virtual reality is not just a short-lived gimmick for hard-core gaming, but a solution for bringing people into a common environment working on a common goal. This is the objective of Virtual World Society, led by Tom Furness, a.k.a. ‘Grandfather of VR.’

Back in the mid-60’s, Tom developed one of the first Virtual/Augmented reality displays for the Air Force, with a few other important individuals. They were working on a solution that would allow pilots a much more convenient way of viewing the outside environment while going twice the speed of sound, as well as operating the aircraft’s complex cockpit of switches and buttons efficiently.

After developing and creating patents for immersive interfaces in the Air Force for over twenty years, he went on to start the Human Interface Technology Lab (HITLab) for a much more ambitious and noble cause.

When his research on this newfound interface gave him a interview at CNN and other networks, he became a respected figure. His popularity and the extraordinary work he was doing prompted phone calls from people asking about how this technology could benefit society. Through his HITLab, he is was able to team up with intelligent minds to research VR solutions in the fields of medicine, education and social science.

To enable enthusiasts and external developers/content-creators across the world to join his noble cause, he founded the Virtual World Society, because in order to solve or come up  with solutions for societal benefits across the world, people from societies across the world need to be involved. Tom Furness recently was interviewed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), where he discussed his role in the development of mixed reality and he envisions for the future.

Tom Furness and the dedicated minds behind VWS main mission is to develop solutions that will promote better and innovative education among the youth as well as the matured.  VoicesOfVR had an in depth interview with Tom Furness about this direction and his vision. You can keep up to date and join the Virtual Worlds Society mission through their website.

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