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Vito Technologies: Star Walk

Vito Technology Inc. “is an American and Russian mobile software development company,” founded by Victor Toporkov. The company is based in Alexandria, Virginia, with over 30 employees from across the world. One of their most notable apps, Star Walk, has been downloaded over 5 million times in the iOS app store since it’s release. “Star Walk is an interactive astronomy guide that shows celestial objects in the exact positons on the sky above you, providing detailed information about them.” Over two-hundred thousand different celestial bodies can be viewed, which includes constellations, satellites, and planets.

On top of being a very informative app, it also has a elegant interface, which brings the universe to life through augmented reality. You can view the night sky in different specters, seek out celestial events and check out moon phases of the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Since the app is designed to spark interest and on-going curiosity of astronomy for the universe enthusiast, it is a very simple and intuitive interface.

Though Star Walk has been awarded Best Augmented Reality Apps of 2011, the Publishing Innovation Awards in 2011, the Apple Design Award Winner of 2010 and continual sits on top of the App store as a recommended download, there are other augmented reality educational apps Vito Technologies has added to their portfolio. This includes Solar Walk (a close-up view of the solar system), Sky Live (hourly location-based stargazing forecast), Next Numbers (simple addictive brain game), Dino Walk (showcases the billion-year long change of planet Earth and it’s inhabitants), Geo Walk (showcasing the worlds geography), and Imbrium (re-invention of the game rock-paper-scissors).

Vito technologies is dedicated to providing fun apps that ignite curiosity amongst the young and the old through the use of mobile platforms and augmented reality. Go ahead and try out one of their apps. The only device you need is your smartphone.

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