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VoidAlpha Developed Archer E. Bowman for the Samsung Gear VR

VoidAlpha is a game development studio founded by Mark W. Day, David K. Nielsen and Aaron J. Cammarata, which utilizes over 45 combined years of experience to produce digital solutions for their clients. To ensure the final product is up to standard and satisfies their client’s needs, they are involved in conceptualizing, design, game development and project management. Since the arrival of consumer VR interfaces, they’ve decided it was in their best interest to sharpen their skills with this new found media platform.

This brings me to their flagship medieval virtual reality game “Arher E. Bowman,” built for the Samsung Gear VR. As you prepare for a relaxing day of guard duty, a unexpected wave of enemies starts attacking your post. Now it’s time for you to do what you were hired to do, protect the kingdom from trolls, sorcerers and any other nuisance coming your way, with your trusty bow and arrows.

As you defend the kingdom, you have to not only defend your post, but also travel out into the kingdom and defeat any enemies that may be inside. The concept of the game is very simple (go out and eliminate threats) and details of the game is very basic and geometric, with vibrant colors to bring the environment to life. This may not be a top-priority game for your VR to-do list, but definitely is worth it if you want to waste some time with a fun experience in VR. You can purchase their game through the Oculus Home store for $7.99.

If you interested in learning about the direction of the studio or what services they offer for virtual reality game development, go ahead and visit their website.

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