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VR City has been Creating Emotionally Transformative Immersive Films for the Past 2 Years

One of the things that is not most talked about, yet will play a crucial role in the adaption of virtual reality, is immersive films. There are already studios who have already dedicated their time creating immersive films, including JauntVR and Here Be Dragons (Formerly Vrse.Works). Such studios explore how VR can appeal to the emotional and empathetic side of people as they engage more deeply with the story that is being told.

This is why VR City deserves recognition, who as they state, “is a leading virtual reality production studio, creating emotionally transformative experiences since [November] 2014.” Based in London, they have had the pleasure of working with MTV for VR live-stream of music awards, Jude Law, Natwest and The Dalai Lama. Through these experiences they have built a portfolio of immersive film, making them known as leaders in VR filming.

One of the riveting experiences that they have created, directed by Darren Emerson, is titled ‘Witness 360: 7/7.’ The is a short documentary of a Jacqui Putman’s experience and life afterwards when Mohammad Sidique Khan decided to detonate a bomb on a carriage next to her, while she was on the train heading for work. The film puts you in the seat and through a montage of locations, as she speaks about her near death experience in a sobering voice.

Another film from their portfolio, directed by Jem Talbot, puts you in the Exit Festival for MTV and Channel 4, titled ‘Exit Festival.’ You get to experience the vibrant and excited atmosphere of the Petrovaradin Fortress, that this festival exhibits, which features Tom Odell, Eagles of Death Metal and Roni Size. It can currently be viewed with the Samsung Gear VR.

Their album of 360-degree films has earned them honorable recognition and awards from BFI Future Film Festival, Shorty Awards, One World 2016, Sheffield Doc Fest, i-Docs and the list keeps going on. With the immersive film studio being powered by six highly talented and highly experienced individuals, it is no surprise that they’ve earned their credentials in creating riveting documentaries by utilizing 360-degree camera systems.

You can learn more about this pioneering studio on their website or better yet, connect with them on Twitter @_vrcity_.

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