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VR Craftworks Develops Nifty App Showcasing Immersive Photography

Virtual Reality CraftWorks is a mixed reality development company that provides solutions for businesses seeking virtual reality applications. They can create apps for online stores(Google Play or iTunes) or stand-alone applications to showcase real estate property, tourist attractions and product launches. Their virtual reality showcasing app has been downloaded over one-hundred twenty thousand times.

Orbulus is VR Craftworks flagship app in the emerging VR industry. This nifty app provides you a 360 degree panoramic view of various tourist locations across the globe, such as Pyramids of Egypt, Mandelbulb, Northern Lights, Oxford Museum, Street Art of LA, Rockefeller Center and much more. The main interface places you in a digital environment where orbs are neatly spaced all around you. The “exit” orb is below and the “help” orb is above you. To interact with these orbs, you simply point and stare.

Once you’ve decided which 4D photograph you’d like to visit by staring at it, you are transported to a page providing the credits of the photo and then to the photo itself. You are not necessarily able to walk around these places, but simply gaze around the 4D photos taken by VR photographers. Some of these places actually have video footage, which you can explore, such as watching fireworks in Hong Kong. And some have vibrant artist expression. Orbulus is a great app, for the mere fact that it provides insight into what taken photographs or videos will be like in virtual reality.

You can get in touch with VR Craftworks on their contact page and get more details on the type of mixed reality solutions they can offer you. Overall, the VR company is on to something when it comes to immersive photography.

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