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@VR_Gorilla has been Capturing Cultures and Wild Life via #VR

Majority of us don’t get to travel out to exotic lands and come face to face with animals of the wild. Probably because of fear, but mostly because it’s a pricey endeavor. Which is why VR can provide the solution for this. With spherical cameras making 360-degree motion-pictures easier to produce and and distribution platforms making this content available, people can immerse themselves in the natural habitat of various wild animals.

Amsterdam based VR film studio, VR Gorilla, was actually named after an encounter with an endangered species, the mountain gorillas. Two filmmakers from Amsterdam Film Company took a trip to Uganda to create their first VR film, to raise awareness of the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

In the course of filming, a young gorilla grabbed their camera out of bold curiosity. As stated by them, “this resulted in incredible never before seen footage and we instantly knew the name of our new VR company: VR Gorilla.”

Since then, they have created a plethora of videos during their travels. One such film they’ve produced, was a collaboration with VICE Netherlands for Lipton Ice Tea. The film takes place at the Amsterdam Open Air Festival and as the viewer you must find 3 strategically placed emojis in the scenes that forms a sentence about summer festivals.

Another 360 film they’ve produced has a clever name, “The Eye of the Tiger 360 VR Experience.” Taken place at the Dierenpark Amersfoort Zoo, you can get up close to an Siberian Tiger. This very experience demonstrates that VR allows people not used to the wild, to get an intimate experience with the majestic creatures of Earth, without feeling endangered themselves.

In short, Gorilla VR revels in the wild life, allowing us city folks to get up close and personal to creatures we’ve only seen at the zoo when we were kids via virtual reality, as well as creating a new style of documenting cultures across the world. At least that’s my take on this pioneering VR production studio. For more 360 videos from Gorrila VR, visit their YouTube Channel or connect with them via Twitter @VR_Gorilla.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on Gorilla VR with a comment below:)

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