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Vrse.Works: Pioneer in Immersive Storytelling

As humans, we are educated through storytelling. When we recollect events of our past, we structure them as stories. Even retelling events is one of the ways we create great stories to be carried out through memory and history. But storytelling is not limited to one media. Its just not a verbal exercise. It is not just a visual exercise. It involves all of our senses to capture the essence and the lessons the story has to offer. Stories are meant to teach, as well as entertain us. It is something, we humans love to be a part of. And there is one company, that is bringing a different approach to how we experience the art of storytelling.

Vrse.Works, as eloquently explained by them, “is a specialized and focused production studio that supports the world’s leading creative innovators in Virtual Reality spherical filmmaking.” They implement their own modified instruments and proprietary tech, to design and bring to life immersive stories to the virtual reality platform. Vrse.works has a immense portfolio or VR productions, and when you add in the teams past experiences in storytelling (ranging from music production, to theatre production), the portfolio grows even larger.

They have collectively earned “numerous Emmys, Cannes Lions, Grand Prixes, Palm d’Ors, AICP, D&AD, One Show, ADC, Tony, Webby Awards and a Grammy.”
The production team consists of Chris Milk (Partner/Creative Director/ Creator), Patrick Milling Smith (Partner/ President), Tamsin Glasson (Executive Producer), Samantha Storr(Executive Producer), Joseph Chen( Executive Technical Producer), and Brian Carmody (Partner).

The projects in their portfolio include “A History of Cuban Dance” (storytelling of evolution of Cuban dance styles), “Revolt” (Music video collaboration with Muse), “The Displaced” (Storytelling of refugee children), “Catatonic” (Storytelling journey through an insane asylum) and “My Mother’s Wing” (Storytelling of a mother coping with the death of her two children).

The way they go about creating these amazing stories is impressive. First they shoot the film set using 360 degree cameras made with GoPros. After the initial shoot, they quickly piece the shots together and do a offline edit, adding in music, VFX, sounds and titles. This film then goes through a approval process. Once they have the greenlight, they bring in the binaural sound(which can be thought of as 3D sound). Afterwards they fine stitch and clean up the whole film, making sure it meets quality virtual reality standards for storytelling. When they are satisfied with the mood, intent, focus, feel, and overall smoothness of the film/story, they compress and upload it to their VR app, dubbed Vrse.

This immense editing process to creating compelling stories utilizing virtual reality, is what makes them a true pioneer in immersive storytelling. Bringing a whole new experience to how we understand and are educated about culture and art throughout the world.

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