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Vuforia: Pioneer in Augmented Reality Software Development Kits

Vuforia is an award-winning mobile vision platform. Previously owned by Qualcomm,  PTC Inc.  acquired it in November 3rd, 2015. A global ecosystem of over one-hundred seventy-five thousand registered developers and more than twenty-thousand apps is supported by Vuforia. The mobile augmented-reality software contains cutting-edge functionality, aiding developers in bringing their ideas to life. Virtual demos can simulate different product features . Various furniture can be viewed in you living space, without buying it. Even virtual games can be played right on top of your kitchen table.

Intricate three-dimensional objects, such as toys and machines, can be detected and tracked using Object Recognition. This allows recognized products to display virtual manuals or unlock new content. Vuforia can also discern two-dimensional images, using Image Targets. “The SDK detects and tracks the features that are naturally found in the image itself by comparing these natural features against a known target resource database.” Text recognition, Multi-targets(“multiple image Targets in a defined geometric arrangements”); Frame Markers( QR codes for Augmented Reality apps); Smart Terrain( real-time 3D reconstruction of environment); and Extended Tracking( enables continued experience when target is out of sight), are other features contained within Vuforia. With so much functionality, creating AR apps is easy as drawing a smiley face.

If you are not a developer, but want to utilize AR apps, Vuforia can equip you with a developer. Apps can be designed for “local business, an internal company event, or a worldwide branded campaign,” at no cost during the development process. Their large-scale Cloud Recognition Service, created for apps using multiple targets or frequently updated targets, can be utilized for a flat-rate. Vuforia’s SDK plans range from $0/mo, up to $999/mo. The highest plan removes the watermark, enables full-scale functionality, and saves 100,000 different object/image targets.

Windlandia ( bringing the African Safari experience to bedrooms), Time Tremors: AGO( engaging history exhibit visitors in mysteries of ancient artifacts), Anatomy 4D( Daqri’s 4D anatomy education system), and LEGO® Connect are only a few applications using Vuforia’s mobile AR software development kit. Vuforia also recognizes innovative designs, through Vuforia Vision Awards. In 2015, Unity Developers’ Choice went to Mohamed Selim Gribaa; Best Enterprise App went to Bloc Digital Ltd; Best Game went to Ovni Studios; Best Interactive Product went to Daqri; Best Campaign went to Trigger/Disney Interactive; and Best Shooting App went to 2pt. If not their features, then the companies that benefit from the genius software, validates Vuforias’ team are pioneers in augmented reality applications.

Dedicated entrepreneurs’ and companies are necessary for directing the future. Vuforia has been on the right track for some time now, and could be a major AR software competitor, for see-through devices, such as Daqri’s smart helmet or Atheer’s smart glasses.


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