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Wayfair has created ‘Patio Playground’ An #VR App for Building your Dream Patio

It’s great to see existing and startup companies creating their own virtual reality applications for people to try out. One of the obvious use for VR is its capacity to promote products. Instead of having to rely on two-D pics, you can enter a VR environment with a 1:1 scale version of the item of interest.

This is definitely great for consumers looking to purchase a piece of furniture, which is exactly what Wayfair has done, with their release of ‘Patio Playground.’ If you don’t know, Wayfair is one of the largest online retailers for outdoor and indoor furniture. They also leverage the latest technology , as seen by their online endeavor, to help build customer relations and brand attraction.

Hence forth their venture in virtual reality with the creation of ‘Patio Playground.’ The app places you on the lakeside, with your imagination and their catalog to build your dream patio. You have the ability to select various tables, chairs and decorations, which effectively allows you to preview furniture at full-scale, rather than traveling to a store or using your Minds Eye to imagine the dimensions.

As stated by VRFocus, “Essentially, this is the best part of Sims, but with real items in VR.” Currently Patio Playground is available for the Oculus Rift, so if you own one, go ahead and try it out. If not, then check out their extensive catalog of furniture and decor at wayfair.com.

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